With the MLB Trade Dealine in the Past, Who are the Real Contenders?

Whats Happened So Far?

With the very tedious trade deadline in the past, it is now September and the playoff race begins. Only a few teams made crucial moves at the deadline, making it very obvious who’s in it to win it this season.

At the halfway point in the season, there was a lot of speculation that the trade deadline  would be very eventful and include many blockbuster trades.  In reality,  it was quite the opposite. There were arguably no blockbuster trades and very few trades in general.  At this deadline, there were only 17 trades compared to the 31 that took place last season.  With that noted, it’s fair to question if most teams are even trying to make the playoffs.  Since this season is so short,  the majority of the teams in the league still have a chance at making the playoffs.  Despite that being the case, it seemed as though only a few teams felt as if they needed extra help to make it.  Since  there were so few trades,  it’s very easy to distinguish the teams that are trying to win the World Series  and the teams that are simply trying to make it to the playoffs.  After evaluating the trades that took place at the deadline as well as the clear favorites to win the World Series, I’ve narrowed down my championship contenders to 4 teams. Those teams are the National league leading Dodgers as well as the third place Padres, and the American league leading Rays paired with the second place, Athletics.

Los Angeles Dodgers:

For starters,  the Los Angeles Dodgers are the clear favorites to win the World Series.  The Dodgers made only 1 trade at the deadline but still appear to have the best roster in the MLB.  Los Angeles  owns the best record sitting at 27-10 while  also being the only team to have 100% chance to make the playoffs. Essentially,  the Dodgers are the most feared team in the MLB and will certainly be the team to beat come playoff time.

San Diego Padres:

The other team in the National League that fully displayed their World Series hopes at the trade deadline are the San Diego Padres. The Padres had a league-high, 5 trades at the deadline. Not only did the Padres make an outstanding amount of Trades, but they also acquired very impactful players. San Diego brought in all-star first baseman, Mitch Moreland and all-star pitcher, Mike Clevinger. With the Padres making so many trades and bringing in top caliber players, it can be easily said that the Padres are going for it all.

Tampa Bay Rays:

To start things off in the American League,  the Tampa Bay Rays  are looking like an extremely strong team  that will make a deep playoff run.  Similar to most teams, the Rays were inactive at the deadline , only making one trade.  Tampa Bay has the best record in the American League  and are the favorites to make the World Series.  Overall,  it can be said that the Tampa Bay Rays  are a good comparison to the Los Angeles Dodgers,  but on the opposite side of the league.

Oakland Athletics:

The final team that I consider to be a World Series contender are the Oakland Athletics.  The Athletics are the second place team in the American League and had a huge acquisition at the trade deadline. The A’s traded for the Rangers Ace,  Lance Lynn.  Lance Lynn has performed great this season,  showing off a 1.93 ERA  in eight games pitched. It’s fair to say that the Athletics didn’t need much help  to make a good playoff run,  but lance Lynn will certainly  boost their chances to make the World Series.


To sum everything up,  there are many great teams that could be considered as World Series contenders  but the four teams that I picture fighting it out for the championship title  are the Dodgers,  Padres,  Rays,  and Athletics.  The Dodgers and the Rays are the most anticipated World Series matchup, but with the abundance of talent found on the Padres and A’s,  it would not be surprising at all if one of those two teams  found their way into the World Series. Now that the trade deadline is history, only one  question remains, ” who will be boasting the commissioner’s trophy come the end of the season?”.  Only time will tell and as Derek Jeter once said, “You don’t just accidentally show up in the World Series.”

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