How Did Usain Bolt Become the Fastest Man on Earth?

Did you know that Usain Bolt won three gold medals by eating 1000 chicken nuggets? 

He was born in the poorest village in Jamaica and quickly discovered his athletic gifts.

Before finding his unique speed, Bolt played in cricket and soccer tournaments to allow his family to buy water by the cups. 

Throughout his childhood, Bolt’s father was determined to make him a star… Just not in running.

Every day, Bolt would be awoken before school to train for his cricket games.

Bolt’s Father emphasized toughness, leading him to hit Usain as hard as he could with the kookaburra balls ( Cricket balls ) to build bravery. 

Eventually, Bolt built up his confidence, running for competition at 14 years of age, when his teacher recommended he run in the local track events.

Bolt rapidly gained a reputation as the quickest kid in his village by winning every event that he first raced in – barefoot.

Usain planned to attend the 2004 Olympics, but a lingering hamstring injury held him back from running all the way until 2008.

In 2008, Bolt won three gold medals after eating 1000 chicken nuggets in a span of ten days for “good luck”.

Bolt’s speed continued to develop as he became the 1st ranked track runner in the world after winning three gold medals again in the 2016 Olympics. 

From that, he earned the name “Lighting Bolt”.

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