How Did Giannis Antetokounmpo Become the Greek Freak ?

Giannis Antetekoumpo was born in Athens, Greece, and was thought to be a hard worker from the moment he opened his eyes.

Giannis was the middle child of 5 and quickly learned that food and water is certainly a privilege. 

The parents of Giannis were Nigerian immigrants who moved to Greece only 2 years before giving birth to Giannis.

At 3 years of age, Giannis began selling handbags and sunglasses to contribute to his family.

Throughout his childhood, Giannis was mentored by his two older brothers, Thanasis and Francis.

When both Thanasis and Giannis were 7 years old, they were introduced to the game of basketball, where they rapidly discovered their talents. 

The two brothers recognized that if they worked hard enough to develop their game, they could uplift their family’s financial status. 

With the thought of helping his family in such a significant way, Giannis began to dedicate all of his time and energy to evolve his game.

Over the next 9 years, Giannis worked harder than all of his colleagues, while mentoring his two younger brothers, and selling handcrafted items to help his family buy necessities.

His hard work paid off in 2009, as he earned an invite to tryout for a professional basketball team only 30 minutes from his home town of Sepola.

Giannis easily made the team and continued to drop 50 points in only his second game with the club. 

Gainnis’s top of the line statistics caught the attention of many NBA scouts from all over the United States but didn’t tempt them enough to give him a tryout.

Despite Giannis not getting an invitation to the NBA draft, he remained focused and inked his first multi million dollar deal with a top-tier spanish team, “CAI Zaragoza”.

Giannis didn’t ever get the chance to play for Zaragoza, as the Milwaukee Bucks signed him in 2013 before he could debut. 

After being signed by the Bucks, Gainnis’s size, speed, and ball-handling skills earned him the name, “Greek Freak”.

Giannis made his NBA premiere in 2013 at 18 years old and amazed everyone by making the All-Rookie team. 

Giannis only went up from there, starting in the all-star game at only 22, winning the Most Improved Player award at 23, and winning MVP at 25. 

The Greek Freak is now climbing the rankings of all-time greats and looks to be the next Michael Jordan.

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