Is Nate Robinson Becoming a Boxer?

How did Nate Robinson go from 3-time slam dunk champ to preparing to box Jake Paul?

The moment Robinson was born, he was in the spotlight.

Robinson’s father, Jacque Robinson was one of the best college football players of all time and had the potential to be great in the NFL before a career-ending injury in his only first season. 

When the word got out that Robinson would be born, he immediately had expectations to show what his dad could have been.

Robinson played both football and basketball throughout his childhood and was a star in both.

Despite repeatedly hearing that he was destined to play football, Robinson set his mind on basketball.

Robinson began playing basketball competitively in high school, causing him to receive death threats and an abundance of hate. 

Because of the hate that Nate was receiving after focusing on basketball his father forced him to begin playing football once again, where he became even more noticed.

In 2002, Robinson committed to play football at the University of Washington, but he just couldn’t get basketball out of his mind.

Robinson only played one season with the Huskers football team before transitioning to basketball. 

Lucky for Nate, his name earned him a spot on the team where he showed his value.

Robinson stuck to basketball for his remaining years in college, before declaring for the NBA draft in 2005. 

Robinson was a top 3 projected pick but being only 5’9 caused him to drop all the way to the 21st pick.

After making it to the league Robinson sat the bench with the Knicks until 2008, as he was still doubted because of his height.

When Nate got his chance to play in 2008, he seized it, averaging over 17 points per game in his first year as a starter.

For the next three years, Nate Robinson was invited to the dunk competition, winning all three times. 

In 2013, Robinson was arrested on drug charges, leading to the Denver Nuggets releasing him.

After Robinson’s drug charges were confirmed, he struggled to find his way back on an NBA roster.

After three years of trying to get back to playing in the NBA, Robinson switched careers, trying out for the Seattle Seahawks. 

Robinson was not given a spot on the team, leading him to jump back to basketball, where he played overseas for 2 years.

After suffering from a leg injury in the offseason, Robinson officially retired, ending his athletic career…. Or so we thought.

In 2020, Nate Robinson felt the urge to get back into sports, as he challenged YouTuber Jake Paul to a boxing match.

Robinson and Paul now have a set date for their bout being November this year.

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  1. Jake Paul is going to get destroyed physically by the superior athlete in Mr. Robinson. But then again, the money he makes from this stunt will be staggering.


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