Kurt Warner: An Inpirational Story

How did Kurt Warner go from a grocery store checker to the NFL MVP?

Kurt Warner was born in Burlington, Iowa in 1971.

Warner’s life started off tough as his parents divorced when he was only in preschool. 

From the initial heartbreak feeling, Kurt was left extremely mad and blamed his mother for the divorce. 

To show his anger, Kurt taught himself to hold his breath until he passed out. 

From the ages of 3-8, Kurt lived with only his mom and his brother Matt, while struggling frequently to keep from going homeless.

When Kurt turned 9, his mother remarried but it was certainly not a match made in heaven.

Kurt’s new father beat his mother and was not too fond of Kurt or his brother Matt either, sometimes making them sleep outside.

The marriage ended within a year and that’s when Kurt began to involve himself in sports.

He began by playing flag football at his community Rec center but quickly became a standout, causing him to move to tackle football in 7th grade.

From there, Kurt took off. He joined his high school team in 8th grade and was the best player on the team.

By his senior year, Kurt set the new state passing record, becoming one of the most eyed players in the country.

Despite his natural abilities, he was not targeted by any division one colleges due to his poor grades.

Kurt eventually had to settle for a partial scholarship to Northern Iowa.

Kurt was thrilled to have the opportunity to play college ball but didn’t get in a single game until his senior year.

In his senior year, Kurt threw for over 2,500 yards while throwing 17 touchdowns and being named the conference player of the year.

Although Kurt wowed just about everyone in his senior season, he was not drafted in the NFL draft, nor was he invited to the combine.

Kurt was devastated as his lifelong dream was to play in the NFL.

His dream was over, or so he thought…

Right before the 1994 season, Kurt received a call from the Green Bay Packers, inviting him to try out for the backup position behind Brett Farve.

Kurt won the job after a hard battle, but was quickly released only 2 games into the season.

Once again, Kurt was heartbroken.

He returned to his hometown in Iowa and applied for a job at the local grocery store as a checker.

Kurt only worked at the store for about 3 months before getting another call recruiting him to play once again, just not in the NFL.

Kurt was invited to try out for the newly created, Arena football league where he wasted no time becoming recognized.

He shined brighter than any other player in the tryouts and found himself on the best team in the league.

From there, Kurt played just as he had in high school, passing for an astounding amount of yardage and collecting many touchdowns along the way.

Kurt played in the Arena football league for 4 years before leveling up and taking his talents to the St. Louis Rams. 

Although Kurt had made it back to the NFL, he wasn’t officially on a team.

He had been invited to the Rams training camp where he separated himself from all other players.

Kurt was soon promoted to the real roster where he signed his first NFL contract as a backup.

Kurt spent almost all of his first season with the Rams on the bench before the starting quarterback got hurt in the final game of the season.

Kurt was brought into the game with a 17 point deficit at halftime but that did not faze him.

He threw for over 250 yards in the second half and led the Rams to a comeback win. 

The next season, Kurt competed for the starting job and won.

Kurt continued to throw for over 4,000 yards while claiming the MVP Award.

The following season, Kurt topped his 2001 season, throwing for 4,800 yards and winning his second MVP. 

After finding his groove in the NFL, Kurt became a star, leading both the Rams and Cardinals to the playoffs throughout the rest of his career, before retiring in 2010.

To this day, Kurt Warner has one of the most miraculous NFL stories and will always be remembered for his outstanding achievements.

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  1. Those were fun teams to watch. The Greatest Show on Turf has a lot of HOF’ers. Crazy to think that he might not have had a chance if Trent Green didn’t get hurt.


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