NFL Predictions : Week 2

We are entering week 2 of the NFL season and there are still a lot of questions about many teams. With all the moves that occurred in the offseason,  there were many new-look teams to start off this season. Because of this,  there was a lot going on all over the league last weekend and it was hard to capture all the action.  This weekend should be a much better indication of which teams will settle in and play their best games as well as which teams are still trying to figure out how to put their team together.  There are many games to pay attention to this weekend and I have the predictions for you. Considering my history with college football predictions (12-0),  I have a lot on the line starting NFL predictions, but I guess I’ll just have to go 15-0.

Giants vs. Bears

Spread: Chi – 5.5

The Giants and the Bears are two middle-of-the-pack teams.  The Giants began the season with a 10-point loss to Pittsburgh at home.  Chicago was able to take their first game of the season, beating Detroit by four on the road.  Coming into this game,  Chicago is favored by 5.5 and they are also playing at home.  I believe that it will really just come down to the injury report at game time.  The Lions have starting linebacker,  Carter Coughlin, and starting wide receiver,  Golden Tate listed as game-time decisions.  The Bears are in much deeper trouble as they have three of their top linebackers all listed as either out or questionable.  Kahlil Mack and Robert Quinn are both gametime decisions and Josh Woods listed as out. I believe that no matter the injury scenario, the Bears will take this game at home to move to 2-0.

Prediction: Bears 27 – Giants 14

Falcons Vs. Cowboys


The Falcons and the Cowboys both started off the season 0-1  and will be looking to rebound from their losses.  This game will be at AT&T Stadium in Dallas which gives them a slight advantage. Despite the home-field advantage for Dallas, the Falcons defense will come much more prepared than they did in Seattle,  holding the Cowboys to under 20 points.  The Falcons offense is never much of a question and I anticipate them to score in the 30s today.

Prediction: Falcons 34 – Cowboys 17

Lions Vs. Packers

SPREAD: GB – 6.5

The Lions and the Packers are arguably the biggest rivals in the NFC North and they will be facing off in Green Bay today.  Green Bay is coming into this game favored by 6 points and I see that as a low spread.  Aaron Rodgers gave a good indication last week of how his season will go,  as long as he stays healthy.  I think that the only question in this game is whether or not Stafford will make it a game vs Rodgers.  The only advantage that the Lions have is at the running back position,  but that will not be enough to get them the win today especially at Lambeau Field.

Prediction: Packers 41 – Lions 24

Jaguars vs. Titans


The Tennessee vs Jacksonville game will certainly be an interesting one.  Tennessee is favored by 7.5, although that is definitely a high spread for this game. The game is in Tennessee, but Tennessee barely escaped the Denver Broncos last week with only a 2-point win.  Jacksonville started the season 1-0  just like the Titans,  but this week they will have to play on the road, compared to last week when they played the Colts in Jacksonville.  I think that this game will be a much closer match than it is anticipated to be,  but Tennessee will still get the win.

Prediction: Titans 21 – Jaguars 17

Vikings vs. Colts


The Vikings and the Colts both started the season 0-1 although the Vikings had to take on the much harder team in the Packers.  The Colts lost to Jacksonville last week while showing off their not so impressive defense.  The Colts have the home-field advantage in this game but considering the strength of Minnesota’s offense,  I don’t think this will be a close match up.  Surprisingly enough, the Colts are favored by 3 in this game, although I think this will be the first upset of the week.

Prediction: Vikings 34 – Colts 24

Bills vs. Dolphins


The Bills will take on the Dolphins in Miami this week after beating the Jets at home in week 1.  Miami lost their first game of the season against the Patriots after they chose to start Ryan Fitzpatrick over Tua Tagovailoa.  It has not been announced who the Dolphins starter will be this week,  but that will make a big difference in how close this game is. I believe that no matter who’s passing the ball for the Dolphins, the Bills will be able to take the win on the road as well as beat the spread of 6.

Prediction: Bills 23 – Dolphins 13

49ers vs Jets

SPREAD: SF – 7.0

The 49ers and the Jets will play in New York this week, with both of them trying to improve from their week 1 losses.  I think that San Francisco was just rusty in week 1 compared to the Jets who simply do not have their team figured out yet. The Jets allowed the Bill’s to score 27 points while they only scored 17. Although George Kittle has been ruled out of this game for the 49ers, I believe they will have no problem beating the Jets on the road.

Prediction: 49ers 24 – Jets 16

Rams vs Eagles


The Rams and Eagles should be a very fun game to watch as Carson Wentz will take the field to battle against Jared Goff.  The Eagles started the season 0-1 with a disappointing loss to Washington and the Rams started off their season with a three-point win against Dallas.  This game is in Philadelphia, which is probably the key factor behind Philadelphia being favored to win the game.  Despite being the underdogs,  I see the Rams picking up their second win of the season as well as pulling off the second upset of the weekend.

Prediction: Rams 20 – Eagles 16

Broncos vs Steelers


The Broncos and the Steelers will play each other this week in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is favored to win this game,  but only by 6.5.  I think that this is an extreme underestimation of Pittsburgh’s offensive power.  Pittsburgh scored 26 points last week against the New York Giants  while being on the road.  Pittsburgh is now at home where their offense will thrive even more.  On top of Pittsburgh’s powerful offense,  Denver has numerous injuries that will hold them down including running back Phillip Lindsay and star wide receiver, Courtland Sutton. Pittsburgh will win this game while destroying the spread.

Prediction: Steelers 30 – Broncos 13

Buccaneers vs Panthers

SPREAD: TB – 8.5

The Buccaneers and the Panthers may be the most-watched game this weekend because of Tom Brady.  Tom Brady started off his career in Tampa Bay with a loss to the New Orleans Saints. Considering Brady’s past and how much he has won,  he will look to avenge that lost today against the Panthers. The spread for this game is tied for the biggest of the weekend with the Buccaneers being favored by 8.5. I think that this spread is unreasonable because Tampa Bay’s offense is so strong and if they are playing to their best abilities,  their defense will simply not matter.  This game will be a high-scoring game,  but Tampa Bay will be able to beat the spread while taking the win.

Prediction: Buccaneers 37 – Panthers 27

Wahsington vs Arizona


Washington and the Cardinals will start off the afternoon games in Arizona.  Both teams began their season 1-0 and have a lot to prove this week.  I believe that Washington was very underestimated in week 1 and that they still are this week, as the spread is favoring Arizona by 7 points. Although the spread is larger than I think it should be, Kyler Murray will successfully lead Arizona to a victory against Washington,  it will just be a tighter game than expected.

Prediction: Arizona 24 – Washington 20

Chiefs vs Chargers

SPREAD: KC – 8.5

The Chiefs versus the Chargers is likely the easiest choice of the week for me.  Although both teams started off the season 1-0,  Kansas City is a much more powerful team, especially while playing on the road.  Kansas City has always had good numbers on the road. Last season they went undefeated while playing away games.  The streak will continue today against the Chargers and this game will not even be close.

Prediction: Chiefs 44 – Chargers 21

Ravens vs Texans


The Ravens and the Texans will play in Houston today and it is likely to be a very interesting game.  This game is one of the hardest games to predict because both teams have extraordinary talent.  The Ravens have star QB,  Lamar Jackson while the Texans have star QB,  DeShaun Watson.  This game will be fun to watch for a little bit,  but because of Baltimore’s  insane offense and Houston’s weak defense,  this game will be over by halftime.

Prediction: Ravens 34 – Texans 14

Patriots vs Seahawks


The Patriots and the Seahawks will take on one another in Seattle for the Sunday night game.  The Patriots are now led by Cam Newton and are probably feeling pretty confident after their Week 1 victory.  I believe that their confidence will end this week, as they face one of the best defenses in the league without a hall of fame quarterback.  Seattle is favored to win this game by four points but I see that as an extreme under prediction.  Seattle will have no problem beating the Patriots, especially considering that they are playing at home.

Prediction: Seahawks 28 – Patriots 13

Saints vs Raiders

SPREAD: NO – 5.5

The final game of the week will be the Saints versus the Raiders which will  take place Monday night in Las Vegas.  Both teams started the season 1-0,  although the Saints had a much more difficult matchup. The saints played Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, while the Raiders played the Panthers. To keep this summary short, the Saints will beat the Raiders in Las Vegas and they will start the season 2-0.

Prediction: Saints 34 – Raiders 24

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