Who Will Shine in Week 3: NFL Predictions

** Win/Loss Record: 12 – 3 (80%)

** Record With Spread: 8 – 7 (53%)

We are entering week 3 of the NFL season and there are still a lot of questions about many teams. With all the moves that occurred in the offseason,  there were many new-look teams to start off this season. Because of this, there was a lot going on all over the league over the last 2 weekends and it was hard to capture all the action.  This weekend should be a much better indication of which teams will settle in and play their best games as well as which teams are still trying to figure out how to put their team together.  There are many games to pay attention to this weekend and I have the predictions for you.

Bears vs. Falcons


The Bears vs the Falcons will start off the slate of games on Sunday and both teams have something to play for. The Bears will fight to remain undefeated as the Falcons will fight for their first win. The Falcons will come out strong as they did against Dallas except this time, they will not slow down.

Prediction: Falcons 34 – Bears 21

Rams vs. Bills


The Rams versus the Bills will be a fun game to watch on Sunday because both teams are undefeated. It’s fair to say that Buffalo has not faced any challenging teams thus far, playing both Miami and the Jets in their first two weeks. On the other hand, the Rams have played the Eagles and the Cowboys, making their undefeated season a little bit harder to come by. I believe that the Rams will prove that they earned their good start by beating Buffalo with ease.

Prediction: Rams 38 – Bills 24

Washington vs. Browns


Washington vs Cleveland will be a very interesting matchup. The two teams are coming into today with one win and one loss each. The Browns have looked a little stronger so far this season and that is why I believe they will win today. I do think that Washington is a little bit underestimated though, and they will make this game closer than predicted.

Prediction: Browns 27 – Washington 23

Titans vs. Vikings


The Titans versus the Vikings game will be very fun to watch. The Titans have started off their season great, going 2-0 in their first two games, while the Vikings are winless. The Vikings will play at home today and they are destined for a win. Because of Minnesota’s home field advantage as well as their offensive strength, I believe they will claim the first upset of the day.

Prediction: Vikings 24 – Titans 20

Raiders vs. Patriots

SPREAD: NE – 6.0

The Raiders versus the Patriots game will display a couple of great teams in the AFC. The Raiders have started off the season 2-0 and will look to continue their hot streak into Foxboro. I believe that the Raiders will have no problem defeating the Patriots, proving that they are stronger than most people believe.

Prediction: Raiders 31 – Patriots 28

49ers vs. Giants

SPREAD: SF – 3.5

The Giants versus the 49ers will display a couple of injury-plagued teams. The Giants will be without Saquon Barkley while the 49ers will be missing many great players. Despite these injuries, the 49ers will prove that they can still compete as they take an easy win over the Giants.

Prediction: 49ers 20 – Giants 13

Bengals vs. Eagles


The Bengals versus the Eagles is one of the only games on Sunday in which two winless teams will play one another. The Bengals, led by Joe burrow, will look to grab their first win on the road against Philly. Based off of Philadelphia’s performance over the last couple of weeks, the Bengals will pull off the upset, while taking their first win of the season.

Prediction: Bengals 27 – Eagles 20

Texans vs. Steelers


The Texans versus the Steelers is going to shock everyone. The Texans are coming into the game 0-2 on the season while the Steelers are undefeated. Despite being on the road and being the underdog, the Texans powerful offense led by DeShaun Watson will beat the Steelers and gain some confidence going forward.

Prediction: Texans 27 – Steelers 17

Jets vs. Colts

SPREAD: IND – 11.5

The Jets versus the Colts is the easiest game to predict today. The Jets are no doubt the worst team in the league and the Colts are surging to the top of the power rankings. This is not to mention that the Colts are also playing at home. The Colts will rout the Jets, sending them home by halftime.

Prediction: Colts 38 – Jets 17

Panthers vs. Chargers


The Panthers versus the Chargers game is also another very interesting game of the weekend. The Panthers are going to be searching for their first win and the Chargers will look to improve upon last week’s close loss to the Chiefs. Justin Herbert will have another great performance as he leads the Chargers to a victory over the Panthers, at home.

Prediction: Chargers 30 – Panthers 20

Buccaneers vs. Broncos

SPREAD: TB – 6.0

The Buccaneers versus the Broncos is another game that will likely turn into a blowout quickly. The Buccaneers are beginning to find thier best lineup led by Tom Brady. The Broncos have struggled to win this season and that will carry into Sunday versus the Buccaneers. All in all, the Buccaneers will have no problem defeating Denver while playing on the road.

Prediction: 34 Buccaneers – 21 Broncos

Lions vs. Cardinals


The Lions versus the Cardinals was another very easy game to pick today. The Cardinals are led by standout quarterback Kyler Murray, who has come out of the gates hot leading Arizona to a 2-0 start. The Lions have done the opposite, starting the season 0-2. The Cardinals will remain undefeated through week 3 as they hand the Lions their third straight loss.

Prediction: 28 Cardinals – 13 Lions

Cowboys vs. Seahawks


The Cowboys versus the Seahawks is going to be a very fun game to watch because of the offense of power. The Seahawks and the Cowboys are both known for their great ability to move the ball down the field and this will make for an entertaining game on Sunday. The Seahawks will come out on top because of their defense being a little bit stronger than the Cowboys.

Prediction: 34 Seahawks – 24 Cowboys

Packers vs. Saints

SPREAD: NO – 3.0

The Packers will take on the Saints on the road this week, making for a very entertaining Sunday Night Football game. The Packers are currently 2-0 and the Saints are 1-1. The Saints are favored in this matchup by a field goal, but Aaron Rodgers will come out on top with the Packers beating the Saints in a close game.

Prediction: 35 Packers – 30 Saints

Chiefs vs. Ravens


The final game of the week is going to be the most fun to watch as the two best quarterbacks in the league play one another. The former Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes will take on the former MVP, Lamar Jackson. This game will be held in Baltimore, which I believe gives a slight advantage to the Ravens. The Ravens will defeat the Chiefs and prove that they are the more dominant team this season.

Prediction: 34 Ravens – 27 Chiefs


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