570 Sport’s Players of The Week: #2

Sports have begun once again and there is a lot of exciting action going on all over the place. We have football going on, soccer starting up, and basketball really heating up. The most compelling and attention-grabbing sport is currently basketball. After a longer than normal wait time, players are finally returning to the court and they are bringing their best games. 570 Sports is consistently scouting out the top of the line talent and they have found some gems for the second week in a row. 570 Sports is known for their accurate identification of future stars and it’s nearly impossible to argue against their picks. Every week, 570 Sports chooses a player of the week and they have now begun to put together a very anticipated player of the week list. This list consists of 4 stellar athletes ranging from 4th grade to 8th grade. All of these athletes are extremely gifted in basketball and have a very bright future. With that being said, here are some fantastic players, presented to you by 570 sports.

570 Players of The Week:

1. PJ McClain: 6th Grade Division

Key Attributes- Team Leader and Lockdown Defender

PJ McClain is a 6th-grade phenom. PJ is currently playing the 6th-grade division and has all the assets necessary to thrive in the sport of basketball. PJ plays for the Sly Stallions and he stands out more than any other player. PJ has the ability to drive to the basket extremely well,  knock down shots consistently from outside the arc, and take the ball away from just about any other player while on defense. PJ also has a great work ethic and according to his coaches, he shows signs of improvement day after day. On top of being able to drive to the rim well and knock down threes with ease, PJ has a deadly floater. Although many attributes of PJ’s game shine bright, his most attractive feature is his ability to hustle. PJ McClain sticks out more than any other player while on the floor because of how often he hustles for the ball. PJ has been known to be more physical than anyone else and he leads his team to wins  consistently. To top everything off, PJ is a very unselfish player as he has no problem finding his teammates while they’re open. The scariest thing about PJ is that he is only in sixth grade,  meaning that he still has a lot of time to develop his game. All in all, PJ has an all-around fantastic game and will be an offensive and defensive threat for whatever team he plays for in the future.

2. Orlando Williams: 4th Grade Division

Key Attributes- Scoring Abilities and Speed

Orlando Williams is the youngest player on the 570 players of the week list this week. Orlando is only in 4th grade, yet he shows an abundant amount of potential. Orlando Williams has been consistently recognized for his outstanding scoring abilities as well as his speed. When on the floor, Orlando outruns any other players and grabs the attention of all coaches and fans watching. Orlando has only played two games thus far, but he has led his team to the win in both games. Orlando plays for the Bear Creek Charter School and he is easily the best leader on the team. Many coaches have reported that Orlando always motivates his teammates and that he knows how to get the team going. With Orlando being the youngest player on the list this week, he stands out more than the other athletes. Once again, Orlando is only in 4th grade. With that being said, Orlando has lots of time to develop his game which should be no problem considering how dedicated he is. All in all, Orlando always leaves his heart out on the floor and he will be a great asset to any team this season and in the future seasons to come.

3. Demaja Dunston: 7th/8th Grade Division

Key Attributes- Athleticism and Scoring Abilities

The third player to make the 570 players of the week list is Demaja Dunston. Demaja is 13 years old and is currently playing in the 7th/8th grade division. Demaja plays for the 570 sports team and he makes a big impact. Demaja is an all-around great player as he can run the court quickly, read defenses better than anyone else, and knock down threes consistently. Demaja is getting to around the age in which he will begin to stand out for his talents and he is definitely ready. His basketball IQ is extremely high and he knows how to guide a team to victory. Demaja’s coaches have said that he is easily the best defender on the court and when you match that up with his offensive strength, he is unstoppable. It’s fair to say that Demaja has many key attributes that contribute to his game, but what sticks out the most is his defensive abilities as well as his basketball IQ.  All in all, Demaja Dunston will likely continue to be a standout player and he is just coming into high school next year. Watch out for Demaja Dunston!

4. Alyvia McLaughlin: 7th/8th Grade Division 

Key Attributes- Leadership Skills and Sharpshooting Abilities

The final athlete to make the 570 players of the week list is also the lone girl on the list, Alyvia McLaughlin. Alyvia is in the 7th/8th grade division and she plays for Wyoming Valley Clutch.  Speaking of clutch, Alyvia has been known to deliver the nail in the coffin in most games and she has consistently led her team to great wins. Alyvia has been recognized as a team leader and the best part of her game is her offense. Alyvia’s offense is undeniably fantastic and she certainly knows how to score. In Alyvia’s previous game, she knocked down four three-pointers and played an all-around, excellent game as she led Wyoming Valley Clutch to an impressive win. On top of Alyvia’s ability to knock down shots from deep, she can also drive to the hoop very well. Every game Alyvia has played in, she puts up an outstanding amount of points, ultimately leading her team to victory. Alyvia will go into high school next season and she will look to make her mark quick. Considering how well Alyvia has played in the past seasons as well as this season, she will be a very threatening player on the court in the future, so everyone better watch out.

570 Sports Upcoming Holiday Tournament:  

570 Sports is becoming one of the most trusted groups for both events and news. 570 Sports consistently scouts out some of the best players and brings attention to potential stars. After breaking down 570 Sports, players of the week on the rise, it’s time to point out their next big event. Coming to you Thanksgiving weekend will be the 570 Sports, holiday basketball tournament. As of now, not too many details are being released regarding the tournament but it is said that the event is formatted differently than ever before and will inevitably bring a lot of excitement. All in all, 570 Sports has a lot coming up so keep an eye out for more details leading up to the holiday tournament.

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