MLB Playoff Predictions: Day 1

The MLB Playoffs are set to begin today and there is a lot of excitement to come. This season, 4 additional teams have been added to the playoffs, two in each league. There are many games to be played and there are 4 on the schedule for today. Just like the final week of the regular season, I will be releasing my MLB playoff picks every day. I disappointed myself a little bit with my previous week of predictions as I finished 20% under my goal of 80%. I will now look to redeem myself with fewer games to focus on per day! I will keep my goal at 80% throughout the playoffs, but you can expect something around 90-95%. The American league will start the playoffs today with all eight of their teams opening the wild card round, which will consist of 2 or 3 games. All in all, this year’s playoffs will be very unique and I have the most accurate predictions around, to guide you through this different format.

Game 1: Houston Astros vs. Minnesota Twins

Game Time: 2 pm, EST

Ballpark: Target Field – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Channel: ABC

Run Line: Twins – 1.5

The Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins will open up the 2020 MLB Playoffs today at 2. Both teams have their aces on the mound and it will likely come down to whose offense comes to play. The Astros are starting RHP, Zack Grienke and the Twins are starting RHP, Kenta Maeda. Once again, there is little doubt in my mind that this game will be a blowout due to the astounding pithing that we will see. I believe that the Astros will be able to work a couple runs off of Maeda and they will hand the Twins the first loss of the postseason.

Score Prediction: 4 – 1, Astros

Game 1/3: Chicago White Sox vs. Oakland Athletics

Game Time: 3 pm, EST

Ballpark: Oakland Coliseum – Oakland, California

Channel: ESPN

Run Line: White Sox – 1.5

The Chicago White Sox will take on the Oakland Athletics in Oakland for the two teams first ever, postseason matchup. The Athletics will be putting pitcher, Jesus luzardo on the mound up against Lucas Giolito of the White Sox. Lucas Giolito has a slightly better ERA, but he doesn’t have much postseason experience. I don’t believe that either of the pitchers taking the mound today will be able to hold the other team’s offense under 5 runs. Throughout the season, the Athletics and the White Sox were a couple of the highest-scoring teams in the league. This game will ultimately come down to whose pictcher can allow less runs and I believe that pitcher will be Jesus Luzardo. The Athletics will narrowly escape the White Sox and win game 1 of the series.

Score Prediction: 7 – 6, Athletics

Game 1/3: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Game Time: 5 pm, EST

Ballpark: Tropicana Field – St. Petersburg, Florida

Channel: TBS

Run Line: Rays – 1.5

The 8th seeded Toronto Blue Jays will make their return to the playoffs against the number one seed, Tampa Bay Rays. Since the Rays are the higher seed, they will have home-field advantage which is a large factor come playoff time. The Rays will be starting their ace pitcher, Blake Snell, while the Blue Jays are starting a little bit less experienced of a picture in Matt Shoemaker. I believe that this pitching difference will make all of the difference in the game, inevitably leading to a large win for the Rays in game 1.

Score Prediction: 6 – 2, Rays

Game 1/3: New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians

Game Time: 7 pm, EST

Ballpark: Progressive Field – Cleveland, Ohio

Channel: ESPN

Run Line: Even

The final game of the day is the New York Yankees versus the Cleveland Indians. The Yankees will be playing Cleveland in Cleveland and the game cannot be anymore even. Both teams are starting their aces and it’s fair to say that the two teams have evenly matched offenses. Gerrit Cole will be taking the mound for the Yankees and Shane Bieber will be taking the mound for the Indians. I believe that the key factor impacting who will win this game will be whether or not the Indians can continue their hot streak from the regular season. The Indians ended the regular season by winning five of their last six games and only allowing an average of 2-3 runs per game. With Shane Bieber on the mound today, it’s likely the Indians will limit the Yankees to somewhere around that amount of runs and I believe their offense will do the rest.

Score Prediciton: 5 – 3, Indians


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