A Matchup For The Ages: Johny Gilchrist vs. Dante Lucarelli

Before you start reading, subscribe above so you can get email notifications whenever new articles like this are published! The Lackawanna Football Conference has begun its season and it is now full swing ahead. There have  been many entertaining games that have featured numerous standout athletes. As we approach this upcoming Friday, we can begin to anticipate a great game between a couple of the best quarterbacks in the league. On Friday night, Johnny Gilchrist will lead Riverside against Dante Lucarelli and Old Forge. Johnny Gilchrist has become one of the best players in the history of Riverside’s football program and he recently became the all-time passing yards leader. Johnny Gilchrist has played on varsity since he first came into High School and since then, he has set the record for all-time passing yards as well as all-time touchdowns. Johnny Gilchrist is overall an outstanding athlete and he will take on another great quarterback in Dante Lucarelli on Friday night. Dante Lucarelli is the starting quarterback for Old Forge and he will look to lead the team to a season-opening win. All in all, there’s a very exciting game to be played Friday night and there are many key factors that will contribute to the result of the game.

Riverside Vikings

The Riverside Vikings are a fantastic football team that are led by star Quarterback, Johnny Gilchrist.  Johnny Gilchrist is arguably the best quarterback in the league as well as an all-time great for Riverside. Johnny owns the all-time passing yards record as well as the all-time touchdown record.   Despite Johnny’s incredible statistics and leadership skills, the Vikings have gotten off to a rough start, losing both of their games thus far. In week 1, the Vikings took on Wyoming Area at Jake Sobeski Stadium. The score got out of hand quickly resulting in a 30 – 6 win for Wyoming Area. In week 2, the Vikings were able to make the game a bit closer against the Academy of the New Church and they only lost by a touchdown. The Vikings will now look to grab their first win of the season against Old Forge while playing at Old Forge Veterans Memorial stadium. The Vikings have a lot of strength on the offensive side of the field as they have a good receiving core to pair up with their star quarterback. It seems that the only thing that has been a challenge for the Vikings is their defense. With that in mind,  they could have trouble this week as they will take on another one of the great quarterbacks in the league in Dante Lucarelli. All in all, it will just come down to whether or not the defense can back up the great chemistry between the young phenom, Johnny Gilchrist and his star receiver, Michael Rickert.

Key Players:

  • Johnny Gilchrist (QB)
  • Michael Rickert (WR)
  • Charlie Azarsky (RB)
  • Gavin Thomas (LB)
  • Justin Tigue (DE)

Old Forge Blue Devils

The Old Forge Blue Devils are anticipated to be a great team this season as they hope to follow up on their 8-2 record from last season. The Blue Devils will be led by talented quarterback, Dante Lucarelli.  Dante Lucarelli has been noticed as one of the top quarterbacks in the Lackawanna Football Conference and he leads his team to compete at the highest level every season. Last season, Dante got injured early in the season and did not return until one of the final games of the season. Dante will look to come back strong from his injury starting on Friday night. This season, the Blue Devils will only play 5 games with their first game being this Friday where they will take on the Vikings at home. The Vikings have started off the season 0 – 2 despite having one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Johnny Gilchrist. The battle between Johnny Gilchrist and Dante Lucarelli will be very entertaining this Friday night and it will make for a great game. It’s hard to determine how the Blue Devils will come out of the gates this season but based on their performance from last season, they will be a tough team to beat, especially while they’re playing at home. In conclusion, the Old Forge Blue Devils will open up their season this Friday against the Riverside Vikings as their star quarterback, Dante Lucarelli,  takes on another one of the great quarterbacks in the league, Johnny Gilchrist.

Key Players:

  • Dante Lucarelli (QB)
  • David Dando (RB)
  • Nicholas Dodge (WR)
  • Zack Weaver (TE)
  • Michael DiGregorio (WR)

Recap and Game Prediction:

The Riverside Vikings and the Old Forge Blue Devils will play one another Friday night in what is  expected to be a great game. The Riverside Vikings will be led by record-setting quarterback, Johnny Gilchrist as they attempt to grab their first win of the season over the Old Forge Blue Devils. The Blue Devils are led by quarterback, Dante Lucarelli, who will look to return to his pre-injury form. Before Dante Lucarelli was injured, he was easily one of the top three quarterbacks in the league with Johnny Gilchrist but after his injury, he only played limited snaps. Lucarelli will likely get the start against the Vikings and I’m sure he will take advantage of it. As previously stated, the Vikings started off the season 0-2, and playing on the road against Old Forge will definitely not be an easy game. Between the consistent offense of the Blue Devils as well as their shut down defense, Johnny Gilchrist will have a hard time carrying his team to victory. My prediction for Friday night is that the game will be a close battle the whole time but come the fourth quarter, Dante Lucarelli will step up and lead the Blue Devils to a season-opening win.

Score Prediction: Old Forge 24 – Riverside 20

**Player Interviews**

Dante Lucarelli: Senior Quarterback – Old Forge Blue Devils

What does the rivalry between Old Forge and Riverside mean to you?

  • I mean, the game is definitely something special. It’s been going on for a countless amount of time and it’s just one game out of the year that means so much more than the others. I know that if either team only got to win one game during the season, this would be that game.

How have you guys faced off over the last few years?

  • Over the last few years, we have had their number. There have been countless good games between us, and each team always comes ready to play regardless of their record. It’s going to be a good game, it’s going to be a fun game to be in.

Can you talk about your injury from last season?

  • I got hurt about week 5 and I missed about four to five weeks after that. So yeah, I was out for mostly half of the season. I was able to come back for the district championship game though.

Do you feel 100% this season coming off of your injury?

  • Yeah, I’m definitely feeling 100% ready to go, absolutely.

I know that this year is a shorter year. It’s only five games, so are you still just as ready to get out there and still just as motivated as any other season?

  • Yeah you know, I’m just really grateful that we are at least having these games because I’ve seen that some high schools are having no sporting events. So really, I’m just grateful that we are able to play five games.

Do you consider yourself more of a passing quarterback or do you like to run and make space between yourself and the defense?

  • I’m more of a pocket passer, but I could definitely run if needed.

What has 570 Sports Show brought into the area and really just contributed to overall?

  • 570 Sports Show has brought something great. 570 Sports really focuses on the kids more than anything. They really do a good job of getting accurate information out, making the kids feel good, and they really just provide good stuff. All of the kids around here absolutely love it. They love talking to whoever is interviewing them and they really just love everything about it.

What did you do over the off-season to prepare for this season?

  • The off-season was kind of weird because I was really only able to work out at my own house because of everything that’s going on. It was really just a grind because I missed a lot of time last year. I don’t want to take anything for granted. Because of that, I just grinded and tried to get back to work as much as I could.

Johnny Gilchrist: Senior Quarterback – Riverside Vikings

What does the rivalry between Old Forge and Riverside mean to you?

  • I think our rivalry is one of the most traditional rivalries because it goes back a long time. I think that this year’s matchup is pretty even and no matter what the records are, it’s always a competitive game. It’s always a hyped-up game and both towns definitely thrive on these football games. It’s been like that for a while and I’m happy to be part of the tradition.

How have you guys played against one another over the last few years?

  • They’ve beaten us the past 3 years. Last year it came down to the wire. It was back and forth throughout the entire game but they were able to hold us at the end.

I know that this year is a shorter year. It’s only five games, so are you still just as ready to get out there and still just as motivated as any other season?

  • It’s definitely different from a normal year and we’re just trying to do our best to cherish every game and every opportunity. To start league play with our rivals is something special and it means more than ever for us. We are really just trying to make the most out of every opportunity and do our best to make the most out of this short-season.

Do you consider yourself more of a passing quarterback or do you like to run and make space between yourself and the defense?

  • The passing game is definitely a big part of our offense and you know, we actually lost our seven top receivers over the offseason so we have a whole new crew in there now. We are all working hard but it’s definitely tough when we don’t have a whole summer to really get on the same page. The past couple of weeks have been really important for us and I think the practice is paying off more and more each week. Hopefully we’ll be able to get clicking by Friday, but I’m definitely confident we’ll be able to build that trust.

What does it mean to you to be the all-time leader in both touchdowns and passing yards?

  • A lot of hard work went into it. The touchdown record was held by my head coach and the yardage record was held by another one of my coaches so it is definitely an honor to pass them, but they played a big part in it for sure. I just did my best to go out there and do what I could do because it’s really just a result of a lot of hard work for me.

What has 570 Sports Show brought into the area and really just contributed to overall?

  • 570 Sports has been a great influence on our community. They’re always doing something for the student-athletes who maybe haven’t gotten a lot of recognition in the past. They are really just another outlet for a lot of people. They have held camps and started leagues and that’s crucial, especially in a time like this when kids are losing their junior football season or their basketball season and so on. I really think they’re just doing a great job and I love that they’re taking the time and effort to make this area better. Sports are a huge part of our area and to have someone really do their best to get the exposure around to everyone has been awesome and everyone can attest to that.

What’s your future looking like after this season? Are you planning to continue to play football?

  • I’m definitely planning on playing football next year but I’m not exactly sure where yet. I’m still working out all the details on that.

What did you do over the off-season to prepare for this season?

  • It was definitely a challenge, because usually in the summertime we have a lot of 7 on 7 games and a good bit of lifting sessions but the coronavirus definitely limited those. I do believe that over the wintertime we did a good job getting in the weight room and getting out on the field when there wasn’t snow on the field. I still got as many workouts in as I could over the summer but with everything that’s going on it was just really hard to prepare as normal.

570 Sports Upcoming Holiday Tournament:  

570 Sports is becoming one of the most trusted groups for both events and news. 570 Sports consistently scouts out some of the best players and brings attention to potential stars. After breaking down 570 Sports, players of the week on the rise, it’s time to point out their next big event. Coming to you Thanksgiving weekend will be the 570 Sports, holiday basketball tournament. As of now, not too many details are being released regarding the tournament but it is said that the event is formatted differently than ever before and will inevitably bring a lot of excitement. All in all, 570 Sports has a lot coming up so keep an eye out for more details leading up to the holiday tournament.


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