MLB Playoff Predictions: Day 3

** Win/Loss Record: 3 – 9 (25%)

** Record Against Spread: 2- 10 (17%)

Thursday Night Football Prediction: Broncos 21 – Jets 17

The MLB Playoffs have just begun and there is a lot of excitement to come. This season, 4 additional teams have been added to the playoffs, two in each league. There are many games to be played and there are 4 on the schedule for today. Just like the final week of the regular season, I will be releasing my MLB playoff picks every day. I disappointed myself a little bit with my previous week of predictions as I finished 20% under my goal of 80%. I will now look to redeem myself with fewer games to focus on per day! I will keep my goal at 80% throughout the playoffs, but you can expect something around 90-95%. The American league will start the playoffs today with all eight of their teams opening the wild card round, which will consist of 2 or 3 games. All in all, this year’s playoffs will be very unique and I have the most accurate predictions around, to guide you through this different format.

Game 2/3: Cincinnati Reds vs. Atlanta Braves

** Atlanta Braves Lead Series 1-0

Run Spread: Braves – 1.5

Score Prediction: 7 – 3, Braves

Game 2/3: Miami Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs

** Miami Marlins Lead Series 1-0

Run Spread: Cubs – 1.5 

Score Prediction: 5 – 2, Cubs

Game 2/3: Chicago White Sox vs. Oakland Athletics

** Series is Tied 1-1

Run Spread: Athletics – 1.5

Score Prediction: 5 – 3, Athletics

Game 2/3: St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres

** St. Louis Cardinals Lead Series 1-0

Run Spread: Padres – 1.5 

Score Prediction: 6 – 3, Padres

Game 2/3: Millwuakee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

** Los Angeles Dodgers Lead Series 1-0

Run Spread: Dodgers – 1.5

Score Prediction: 6 – 5, Brewers


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