570 Sport’s Players of The Week: Week #3


Sports are now full swing ahead and there is a lot of exciting action going on all over the place. We have football and soccer going on but the real attention grabber has been basketball. After a longer than normal wait time, players have returned to the court and they are bringing their best games. 570 Sports is consistently scouting out the top of the line talent and they have found some gems for the third week in a row. 570 Sports is known for their accurate identification of future stars and it’s nearly impossible to argue against their picks. Every week, 570 Sports chooses a player of the week and they have now begun to put together a very anticipated player of the week list. This list consists of 4 stellar athletes ranging from elementary to middle school. All of these athletes are extremely gifted in basketball and have a very bright future. With that being said, here are some fantastic players, presented to you by 570 sports.

570 Players of the week:

1.) Austin Bicking: 8th Grade Division

Key Attributes: Leadership skills and Basketball IQ

  • The first player of the week on this week’s 570 Sports player of the week list is Austin Bicking. Austin Bicking is an 8th grader who attends Scranton. Austin is an amazing player and he has talent at almost every position.  Austin Bicking is a key aspect of his team’s success and he is one of their biggest leaders. Throughout his playing time, Austin has been recognized for his fantastic basketball IQ. Austin can recognize when his teammates are open and he can find them very well. On top of his fantastic court awareness, he is a very physical player. His favorite player is Zion Williamson and he shows that on the court. Austin is continuously making defenders work for any points they can get and on top of that, he drives to the rim very well. All in all,  Austin Bicking is a very dominant player and wherever he attends high school next year,  he will be a great addition to the team.

2.) Colin Ritterbusch: 6th Grade Division

Key Attributes: Rim Protection and Rebounding

  • Colin Ritterbusch is a very well-known 6th grader who is one of the most dominant players at his age.  Colin attends All Saints Academy and he is one of their star players. Colin sticks out because of his all-around great game.  Colin knows how to dominate the paint and he disrupts almost any player from getting to the basket.  Colin has been called a rim protector and a great rebounder by most all of his coaches.  Although Collin’s size is a great advantage that allows him to have such great defensive skills,  he also shows off his handles.  Most players that defend Colin assume that because of his size,  his handles won’t be up to par.  Colin Ritterbusch proves them wrong very quickly by amazing them with his handles and then driving to the basket to finish. With all of Colin’s key attributes laid out, it’s needless to say that he is one of the most dominant players in his age group and he will be a very large threat in the near future. Colin is one of the tallest kids in the sixth grade and as he gets further into middle school,  he will be able to use that more to his advantage. Watch out for Colin Ritterbusch!

3.) Mckenzie Chimock: 7th Grade Division

Key Attributes: Basketball IQ and Confidence

  • Mckenzie Chimock is the only girl to make the 570 sports player of the week list this week and it is for good reason. Mckenzie is one of the most standout players in the 7th grade and she plays for Riverside.  Mckenzie has been one of the most coachable players out there and because of that, she has developed a very good basketball IQ.  One of the most powerful pieces of Mckenzie’s game is her confidence. It is very noticeable when watching Mckenzie play that she feels comfortable within her own game.  Mckenzie has done a great job to lead her team to success and that’s because of her competitive edge. Mckenzie is one of the best leaders on her team and she knows exactly how to push her teammates to perform at their highest level.  Mckenzie is an all-around great player and another one of her top skills is her great court vision.  Mckenzie knows how to find an open teammate and when she does she can throw a dime. On top of being one of the leading playmakers on the team,  Mckenzie’s shot is very well-developed and she is relatively tall for her age.  In conclusion,  Mckenzie has many bright aspects to her game and she likely will have a very lustrous future.

4.) Billy Shea: 5th Grade Division

Key Attributes: Coachable and Scoring Abilities

  • The final player of the week is Billy Shea. Billy Shea is one of the younger players on the 570 players of the week list, but he stands out just as much as the others. According to Billy’s coaches, he is one of the most coachable and hard-working athletes that they have ever coached.  Billy has been noticed to frequently improve upon the weakest aspects of his game to where it’s hard to notice any. Just by watching Billy, you can tell that his game is evolving week by week as he is one of the most standout players on the court.  Billy is an all-around great player, but the best part of his game is his scoring capabilities. The mix between Billy’s ball-handling and his ability to finish at the basket is what makes him such a dominant scoring threat.  Another key aspect of Billy’s game is his ability to handle physicality. Because of his physical strengths,  Billy is also a very good defensive player.  Although Billy is one of the most talented players on his team,  the best thing about him is that he is a very unselfish player. What is most important to Billy is making his teammates better and he makes that clear. Billy is one of the best communicators on the team and he is always supportive of his teammates, despite how they are playing. To sum it up,  Billy Shea is one of the most standout athletes for his age and it is likely that you will be reading about him for years to come.

570 Sports Single-Elimination Basketball Tournament:

The 570 Sports Show often holds many different tournaments and this past week,  they held a very popular, single-elimination basketball tournament.  The basketball tournament was very anticipated and  many teams and players showed up. In the tournament, there were four girl teams and three boy teams.  The four teams were the Riverside Lady Vikings, Northeast Chaos, the Lady Falcons,  and the Hoop Heads.  In the first round of play,  the Riverside Lady Vikings fell to Northeast Chaos in a close game.  On the other side of the bracket,  the Lady Falcons beat the Hoop Heads to advance to the championship game against Northeast Chaos.  In the championship game,  Northeast Chaos won with ease.  Although the boy’s tournament was a little bit smaller with three teams, it was just as interesting.  The three teams that played in the boys tournament were  570 Sports,  BDO,  and the number one ranked team in the league,  Nourishment.  Since Nourishment was the number one ranked team, they got a first-round bye.  The first-round game was between 570 Sports and BVO.  The game came down to the wire but BDO escaped with a one-point win.  In the championship game, BDO  took on Nourishment but it wasn’t very competitive.  The number one ranked team destroyed BDO  And won the boys  championship.  Throughout the tournament, a lot of attention was given to the teams that were playing.  A couple of star high school athletes showed up  and a lot of support for the kids  was shown.  After the tournament concluded,  there was nothing but great feedback and questions were immediately raised about when the next tournament would be.  All in all,  570 Sports hosted a great single-elimination basketball tournament and they have more tournaments to come.  A variety of great players showed up  for the tournament and it was really just a fun time.  keep your eye out for future tournaments from 570 Sports.

Most Valuable Players:

Gerry Rose:

  • Gerry Rose is an all-around athlete. Gerry has been playing basketball for the good majority of his life and his talent is becoming very clear. Gerry currently is an 8th grader attending Riverside Middle School and he is one of the best players there. Gerry Rose is not the only athlete in his family as his younger sister Kayla Rose is also a great basketball player. Gerry’s potential is very large and is growing by the day. Gerry will likely continue to play basketball for the Riverside Vikings high school team next year, where he will try to make a name for himself. Gerry normally plays either point guard or shooting guard but excels wherever he is put at because of his leaping abilities and his quickness. Gerry can space the floor and knock down 3’s very consistently. As seen in the photo below, Gerry is already developing hops and once he gets to high school, he’ll be dunking in no time. The combined features of Gerry’s game make him one of the most feared middle school players who will soon look to make a significant impact with the Riverside Vikings. Watch out for Gerry Rose!

Megan Albrecht:

  • Megan Albrecht was the MVP for the girl’s tournament.  Megan was one of the best players in the tournament and her scoring abilities led her team to the win. Throughout the tournament, Megan displayed her outstanding leadership skills and that is ultimately what made her the best player on the court. Between Megan’s insanely high basketball IQ and her ability to score,  there was almost no one who could successfully defend her. In conclusion,  Megan  will very likely be a dominant player in the future  and she is definitely a threat to watch out for in future 570 Sports tournaments.

Thanksgiving Tournament:

  • 570 Sports is becoming one of the most trusted groups for both events and news. 570 Sports consistently scouts out some of the best players and brings attention to potential stars. After breaking down 570 Sports, players of the week on the rise, it’s time to point out their next big event. Coming to you Thanksgiving weekend will be the 570 Sports, holiday  basketball tournament. As of now, not too many details are being released regarding the tournament but it is said that the event is formatted differently than ever before and will inevitably bring a lot of excitement. All in all, 570 Sports has a lot coming up so keep an eye out for more details leading up to the holiday tournament.


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