Kansas City Chiefs or Golden State Warriors? FT. LeVeon Bell

Written By: Bobby Foran

Former All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell was cut by the New York Jets. Good for him! The Jets didn’t do anything to deserve him. He was paid way too much money, resulting in another backfired signing from previous Jets GM, Mike Maccagnan. There’s no way that Le’Veon Bell is mad about this. His potential was being held back by none other than Adam Gase who just loves to kill careers. Going from the dream team in Pittsburgh to the dumpster fire in New York wasn’t the best decision. The next question that Le’Veon faced after his release was, “Where do I go now?”.

The moment that Bell was released, fans around the league began to speculate that Leveon’s next team was likely to be a contender who needed a boost in the running game. Most people thought that team would be the Rams, Bears, or maybe even the Bills. Well, the news comes in and he’s going to the Kansas City Chiefs! What sense does this make? A very promising rookie running back in Clyde Edwards-Helaire is there, remember? Anyway, good for Bell. He’ll surely be able to succeed on this team and will probably win a ring in the process. The Chiefs don’t possess an offensive line like the Steelers had but it’s still an elite offensive line with a great surrounding cast. If we were to make one comparison to this 2020 Kansas City Chiefs team, it would be the Golden State Warriors. Similar to the Warriors, the Chiefs just keep bringing in stars when they really don’t need to. That’s what the Warriors did, right? Doesn’t matter. Le’Veon Bell went from the worst team in the NFL to the best team in the NFL within three days. Will he return to his All-Pro form? We shall see…

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