Lebron James: The Consistency King But Not The G.O.A.T.

Written By: Clutch Sports Talk

With the NBA finals wrapping up last Sunday night, LeBron James clinched his fourth NBA title, while helping the Los Angeles Lakers win a 17th NBA championship. The debate for several years has been whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. Before it is all said and done, LeBron will lead all statistical categories over Michael Jordan. However, there are still some pundits that feel that Michael Jordan is still the greatest basketball player of all time. I will not debate who is the greatest of all time between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

There is one thing that cannot be argued. Throughout his 17-year career, LeBron James is the most consistent basketball player we have ever seen. Now I will not say he is the greatest of all time, but he is the most consistent of all time. Lebron James has double-digit finals appearances in 17 years and his ability to win four championships with three different teams during three separate occasions is simply incredible. On top of that, he is in his 17th year in the NBA and he is still arguably the best player in the world. Michael Jordan may have certain intangibles that LeBron James does not possess, but there is no denying that LeBron James has had a more consistent career over a duration of time.

You must first consider that LeBron James has played 17 seasons consecutively. On the other hand, Michael Jordan played 15 and had two stints of retirement within that time frame. When putting aside stats and numbers, Michael Jordan did not have the same impact LeBron James has had towards the end of his career. LeBron still has an opportunity to claim another championship for the Los Angeles Lakers going into next season as they will more than likely be the favorite to win the championship for the 2021 NBA season. Although LeBron is not known for taking the last shot or making the clutch play, he has shown the ability to be consistent throughout 17 years of playing in the NBA with his dominance and availability.

Michael Jordan has more rings, won all his titles with one team, and his competitiveness and willingness to win is well documented. I have had the privilege to watch both LeBron James and Michael Jordan play in their primes and a part of me will still say Michael Jordan is still the greatest of all time. However, the book on LeBron has not yet been closed. He has a few more chapters left in his storybook career. People will argue about the eras in which they both played. Many feel that Michael Jordan played in one of the toughest eras in the NBA, whereas LeBron has had the benefit of playing in one of the weakest eras of the NBA. In the end, there is no denying that LeBron James has had a tremendous span of years in which he was the greatest player on the planet.

Putting aside personal feelings towards LeBron, many people must recognize that his ability to remain consistent over all this time is quite incredible. You must remember he was crowned the king in high school, was taken number one in the NBA draft, and had to put the weight of a whole city/state on his shoulders while surrounded by second-class players. Still, he was able to take the Cleveland Cavaliers to a heist that they thought they would never see. I am not saying he is the greatest of all time, but given his prominence, resourcefulness, and his ability to stay relevant for so long, he definitely creates a good argument. If you are a true fan of the NBA or basketball in general, there’s no denying that LeBron’s career is very historic and that he does offer a lot of consistency that many other players have never quite accomplished, even the great Michael Jordan. That in turn has made King James the most consistent basketball player of all time.

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