The New York Butt-Fumble: Another Year of Failure

Written By: Bobby Foran

As a Jet fan myself, I know what it’s like to experience pain, but this year hurts especially more. Losing is nothing new, it’s just the results of losing that hurts the most. Highly overrated running back Le’Veon Bell was just dropped because of his and Gase’s issues. He, of course, was just signed to the Chiefs, because that’s how the Jets work. When you leave the Jets it just gets better. Jamison Crowder, Brian Poole, and Quinnen Williams are being shopped. They wouldn’t be too important on another team, but they’re bright spots on this Jets team. Then there’s Sam Darnold who is broken both mentally and physically. He’s also being thrown around in trade rumors. He is likely to be gone by the end of the year, assuming that New York locks up star quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, with the first pick in the NFL Draft. The Jets failed Sam. He didn’t fail anybody. Oh ,and not to mention the toll that losing took on Jamal Adams’ mental health. He’s on the Seahawks for a reason now. It is rebuild time once again, however, what was it like months ago? 

Peace and prosperity throughout the land. Joe Douglas drafted very well and made smart free-agent signings. Potential… there was so much of it. The idea was to surround quarterback Sam Darnold with talent, pay Jamal Adams, get key players back from injury, and prove that we are more than the butt-fumble. You may realize that absolutely none of this happened. Let’s start at the beginning of the end. Jamal Adams couldn’t stay out of headlines. He and the Jets just couldn’t agree. His indecisiveness was a key factor in where he is now. I thought, “Jamal loves New York and we love him! He’s staying a Jet for life. I’m not worried.”. I was wrong. The inner diva in him came out and it was chaos. He was traded from the Jets to the Seahawks, resulting in mutual satisfaction.

Losing Jamal Adams was a significant loss and only time will tell how quickly the Jets can bounce back. One thing in particular that poses a challenge to the Jets is C.J. Mosley opting out. This was super unexpected as Mosley had never played a full game as a Jet. There’s no fluffing it up anymore, this ship is sinking. Training camp starts and so do the injuries. A very promising rookie receiver in Denzel Mims led off the injuries and the whole receiving core soon followed!

The New York practice squad… I mean the Jets, get ready for their first game. Nothing will be written about the game itself, but let’s just say expectations were at zero. If they could’ve been lower they would’ve been. Darnold has regressed, the receivers that are healthy are terrible, the offensive line isn’t too good, there are numerous underperforming players, and the play-calling speaks for itself. Speaking of which, don’t think I forgot the coaching staff.

The main issue in the New York Jets coaching staff is Adam Gase. He continues to kill careers and run teams into the ground. Why was he hired in the first place? Nobody knows why. Why wasn’t he fired after the first game? Still, nobody knows. What is known, is why he’s still in New York: To secure the first pick in the draft. But really, how bad is Adam Gase? Jets fans wanted Todd Bowles back and I think that’s enough evidence. Gase killed Sam Darnold, by absolutely destroying his confidence and skills. The Jets may have never looked this bad. No offense has looked this bad since the 0-16 Browns! Adam Gase has lost respect everywhere and this will be his last job anywhere near the NFL. 

The new era that the team owners had envisioned has turned to mush. Coaching, injuries, bad players, terrible front office, and so on! The Jets are the laughingstock of the NFL. As of now, it’s only week six. All that’s left to be said is that changes need to be made. 

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