The Decade Dominators: Fear The Seahawks

Written By: Bobby Foran

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks better than good. They look really good. The offense is so much fun to watch with players such as Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, Chris Carson, and of course Russell Wilson. This juggernaut of an offense being run under Pete Carroll is a defense’s worst nightmare. Their defense, however, isn’t special like the offense. They haven’t held an offense to less than 23 points so far this season. They carry two generational talents in Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams. Seattle is the only undefeated team with 5 wins as they head into a bye week in week six. They’re on a roll now, but what are the expectations for the rest of the year?

The Seahawks have been a contending team for quite a while. With their last Super Bowl win in 2014 and last their Super Bowl appearance in 2015, they have been dominant for the last decade. With how things are going this year, they look as though they will continue their stretch of dominance. They seem to be the best team in the NFC by a good margin. They and the Chiefs are the top dogs in the NFL as of now. The postseason is no question for the Seahawks, but can the Hawks take things to the Super Bowl? They absolutely can. 

Russell Wilson will win MVP this season. He has to. Think of this offense without Russ. They wouldn’t be undefeated, nor in Super Bowl talks. What he is doing for this team is outstanding. Now is he the best quarterback in the league? It’s super close between him and Patrick Mahomes, but… the quarterback that’ll win MVP this season is Russell Wilson, period.

The 2020 Seattle Seahawks are no joke. As of now, this team can end up winning another Super Bowl. With an offense that you never wanna stop watching and a defense that never quits, this team is scary. Fear the Seahawks. Fear them!

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