College Football Top 5 Recruiting Schools: Week 1

Written By: Kellen Sharpe

Welcome to the first weekly recruiting report! Considering this is the first report, I will give you who tops the recruiting leaderboard and how those recruits will affect the future of their teams. I will do my best to reach every team possible no matter how small. This week, I’ll be going over the top 5 ranked teams according to 24/7 sports.

1.) Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide have ruled all aspects of college football for the last decade. They look to continue their dominance this year. Coming into this week with a total of twenty-one committed recruits, they top the leaderboard. Four of those twenty-one recruits are five stars and twelve are four stars. One of the top 5 star recruits is Tommy Brockermeyer out of Fort Worth, Texas. Brockermeyer is a dominant offensive tackle standing at 6’6’’ and weighing 283 pounds. Joining Brockermeyer on the offensive line is offensive tackle, J.C. Latham. Latham also stands at 6’6’’ and weighs 305 pounds. These players lay out a dominant offensive line for the future allowing any quarterback to be successful in Coach Saban’s system. One player who I think is pivotal to this recruiting class is Damon Payne. This Alabama class is weak on the defensive end, but five-star defensive tackle Damon Payne makes up for some of the missed talents. Alabama also gathered a slew of talented wide receivers to anchor a big play-oriented offense. In conclusion, the future of Alabama’s offense is bright.

2.) Ohio State Buckeyes

No surprise here, Ohio State is always at the top of the list when it comes to recruiting. Ohio State is one three-star recruit away from being almost the exact same as Alabama. Ohio State has four recruits that are five stars and twelve who are four stars, just like Bama. But, the difference between Ohio State and Alabama is that Ohio State is very balanced in this year’s class. Eight of Ohio State’s top fourteen recruits are on the defensive side with the best being Jack Sawyer, who is a strong side defensive end who stands 6’6’’ and weighs in at 248 pounds. Sawyer, who is out of Pickerington, Ohio, is the third-best player in the country and will be a dominant anchor for the Buckeyes offense. They also brought on Kyle McCord, a five-star quarterback out of Philadelphia. McCord is a tall and semi-mobile quarterback who could have moderate success in the Ryan Day system. I could see these signings being pivotal to putting Ohio State at the top of the college football mountain.

3.) Oregon Ducks

This one is kind of surprising to me. I assumed it would be Clemson, LSU, or even Florida, but no, it is Oregon. Although Oregon is number three, there is still a big gap between them and Ohio State. Oregon only has a singular five-star recruit out of the twenty-two commits they have. That five-star recruit is wide receiver Troy Baker out of Menlo Park, California. Troy is a 6’2’’ speedy receiver who should look to grow alongside four-star quarterback commit, Ty Thompson, from Gilbert, Arizona. Those two players could look to lead an electric offense for years to come. On the defensive side of the ball, recruits like Keith Brown (inside linebacker) and Jaylin Davies (cornerback) will look to anchor what should be an above-average and consistent defense. I could see Oregon rising out of the slump they have been in for a few years now, and become the kings of the Pac-12 during the next decade. 

4.) Clemson Tigers

The Clemson Tigers have been quite the college football story since 2009 when Dabo Swinney was hired as head coach. Coach Swinney has been electric when it comes to recruiting and that skill has allowed him to build a dynasty that rivals Crimson Tide. But, this year has not been close to the best class of Swinney’s tenure. With their only five-star recruit being an all-purpose back named Will Shipley, things aren’t looking great as of this moment. But, the Tigers still have six players in the top 100 and there is still plenty of time to gather in more recruits. If I was a Clemson fan I wouldn’t freak out. I would trust that Dabo knows who he is getting and who will best fit his system.

5.) LSU Tigers

Ed Orgeron, in my opinion, is overrated as a recruiter. He was able to persuade an unwanted Joe Burrow to Baton Rouge and Joe had the greatest season from a college player since Tim Tebow’s 2007 season. This year has been a disappointing one on and off the field. LSU hasn’t brought in a five-star recruit yet and probably won’t bring in a big name this year. But, they have brought in some good four-star recruits who could have an important impact on the dynasty in the future. Players like outside linebacker, Raesjon Davis, and weak-side defensive end, Landon Jackson, will anchor a consistent defensive for LSU. But, little height coming in at the wide receiver position will prevent LSU from making the big plays that won them a national championship and helped Joe Burrow look like the second coming of John Elway. Overall, LSU will continue to have good defensive play that will keep them in games, but a one-dimensional offense will prevent LSU from staying in the pack with Alabama and Clemson.

Who’s Next??

If there is a specific team that you would like me to dissect, leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to get a great mix of sports writing from writers who put time into their work. This is Kellen Sharpe and I’ll hit you with another report next Wednesday.

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