Rich Paul The Super Sports Agent: NBA Cheat Code vs. G-Code

Written By: Dynmytsports TV

Rich Paul. At first, this name may not sound familiar, but after reading this article you certainly will not forget it. Rich Paul is an American sports agent and founder of Klutch Sports Agency, who represents the notorious Lebron James, John Wall, Ben Simmons, and the list truly goes on and on. After first meeting Lebron James in 2002 as a junior in high school, they quickly bonded over having similar goals, visions, and outlooks on life. This became a lifelong relationship and eventually led Rich Paul to become Lebron James’ agent. The rest is history.

Since 2002, Rich Paul has become exactly what his name states, RICH. With Rich Paul being the sole owner and agent under Klutch Sports Agency, the agency receives $32.6 million per year in commission. That is a huge number for someone that just does behind the scenes work every few years when it is necessary to sign or renegotiate contracts. This has left some fans considering the Klutch Sports Agency to be a “cheat code”, a term most popular among the gaming community. It is a “cheat code”, because Paul makes so much money off the agency, while his players may not see this money leave their paychecks. 

The Klutch Sports Agency is certainly a business that runs on the “G Code”, a term commonly meant for no testifying or no asking questions. This is exactly what allows Rich Paul to become so rich. His players do not ask questions about their contracts and fully and faithfully trust Paul to make the business decisions. Although when you are a multimillionaire, do you really notice a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars leaving your paycheck every month? Whether Rich Paul is running his business right or wrong, he is still making millions of dollars because of it.

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