Week 7 TNF Preview: A Battle For The Worst Division in The NFL

Written By: Dylan Moran

Back when the schedule was being created, this was a great matchup decision for PrimeTime! Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley in their second season together, ready to show the doubters they are a real threat. Carson Wentz is healthy and ready to get back on top of the division. A division rivalry that has had a storied history:

Miracle in the Meadowlands

Miracle in the Meadowlands II

Miracle in the Meadowlands III

Great moments! 

Welcome to 2020 though! Where the Giants are one game out from tying for the division lead and one game from getting the first overall draft pick in the NFL draft. The Eagles could take a half-game lead in the division with a win because of their tie with the Bengals in week 3. No matter what, on Friday, October 23, 2020, the entire division will still have records below .500 and it is week 7! 

It is very hard to believe that the winner of the NFC East will have a record above .500 and that includes an 8-8 record. The Dallas Cowboys are the current favorites at 2-4 with 2 games coming up against the Washington Football Team, one against the New York Giants and one more against the Philadelphia Eagles. Just giving the Cowboys those wins for argument’s sake, but not winning any games outside of the division, that puts them at 6-10. That would be the worst record for a team to ever make the playoffs since the 1970 Merger. 

My personal opinion is if you win your division with a record of 8-8 or worse, you lose your home-field advantage to the 5th seed wild card team, as long as they have a better record (which they will). The Seattle Seahawks were the 4th seed team back in 2010 and hosted the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints and then Beast Quake happened. Does that happen if the 7-9 Seahawks had to travel to the 11-5 Saints? Who knows, but probably not! This is just a wild tangent about how terrible the NFC East is and now the whole country is forced to watch this disaster on national television. 

Keys to Victory:

If the Giants truly want to win, they will lose. I started this in my Monday article about how I am not sure where the heads of the Giants organization are. Do they want to win games or do they want a top 3 draft pick? Personally, I am in favor of “tanking” as much as possible because even if they somehow won this toilet bowl of a division, they are not going to the Super Bowl. However, this is not the point of this section of the article!

If the Giants truly want to win this game, Daniel Jones will need to use his legs. They got their first win of the season because Daniel Jones was able to escape the pocket, throw on the run and also get north and south. He was the leading rusher vs. the Washington Football team with 7 carries for 74 yards. I don’t expect the Eagles to pressure the QB as well as Washington can, but I do believe the Eagles will be bringing their blitz package with Cover 2 to the game since the running game with Devonta Freeman and Wayne Gallman is not a huge threat. If Jones can get outside the pocket, extend plays and wait for receivers to get open, they can beat this very suspect secondary. 

For the Eagles, WR Travis Fulgham will have to continue to be a miracle player. Last year it was Greg Ward Jr. (who by the way is still doing very well this season), and now it is Fulgham. Both of them came off the practice squad and just carried this team on their back. Fulgham has played in three games and has 18 receptions (T-18th), 284 yards (41st), 3 TDs (T-14th), and averaging 15.8 yards per reception (20th). Those stats are the result of playing half the season. That’s incredible! 

Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert, and Miles Sanders are all newly injured offensive weapons. That just adds to an already long list with Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson. That does not even include OL or defensive injuries which are also massive losses. This game is going to depend on Carson continuing to connect with Fulgham, and RB Boston Scott handling the starting RB workload. He has done it before, and I’d expect it to continue vs. a weak Giants defense. 

Who Will Win:

These are the kinds of games that you cannot easily predict. The Giants put up 34 points against the Cowboys and beat the Washington Football Team 20-19 last week. They like to show up when they play these division games. They have shown their offense is not dead yet. The defense is non-existent, but that’s fine, defense is dead, it’s 2020. A majority of the league doesn’t have a defense. 

The Eagles were getting blown out by the Ravens last week and then they realized they were playing a football game and came up 2 points short because of an awful play call/play execution. Can we get more Jalen Hurts please? I’d love to see more packages with both Carson and Jalen out there. Mix it up, confuse the defense and go for those big plays. Both QBs can run, both can throw and both can hand the ball off on a jet sweep or straight to the RB. The defense won’t know what’s coming! So come on Doug!

I am going to hang my hat on one stat. Doug Pedersen is 5-0 on Thursday Night Football with these Philadelphia Eagles:

  • 12/22/2016 Eagles vs. Giants: W 24-19
  • 10/12/2017 Eagles @ Panthers: W 28-23
  • 9/6/2018 Eagles vs. Falcons: W 18-12
  • 10/11/2018 Eagles @ Giants: W 34-13
  • 9/26/2019 Eagles @ Packers: W 34-27

Whatever the magic formula is, Doug will keep it going tonight vs. the Giants.

Eagles over the Giants 31-24.

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