The Miami Heat: A Dynasty For The Future?

Written By: Shane Dunn

The Miami Heat shocked every single viewer by making the NBA Finals against LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Jimmy Butler lead Heat were close to dethroning the powerhouse of the NBA Lakers in only year one of this new look Miami team. In my opinion, the Heat will be a dynasty as the Warriors were, only a few years ago. This Heat team is led by Jimmy Butler, who is the hardest worker I can say we’ve seen in years, giving off Kobe Bryant esque vibes. Then you have the brick wall of a center in Bam Adebayo. The star center led the team in rebounds, blocks, and was second in steals. Bam is the best option at center and he is a great fit for this team at the five. Then you have rookie star Tyler Herro, who averaged 13.5 points per game in the regular season, and rose that up to 16 points per game in the playoffs, all while breaking a rookie three-point record, all just at the ripe age of 20 years old. Next for the starters is Duncan Robinson, who is easily the best shooter on this team, leading the team in free throw percentage at an astounding 93.1%, and leading the team in three point percentage at 44.6%. As a 26-year-old, he is already fourth in the league in three-pointers, which is stunning. The Heat also have an abundance of talent coming off of the bench, starting off with Goran Dragic. Goran was second for the team in points per game at 16.2 per game, second in assists per game, and provides great quality minutes regardless if he is coming off the bench or starting. Also on the bench, you have Andre Iguodala. The three-time NBA Champion and one-time Finals MVP is great off the bench and is an amazing mentor for any player on this team. The last man on this team I’ll mention is Kendrick Nunn. Although people will say this wasn’t really his rookie season, being third in the voting behind the winner Ja Morant and NBA 2k21 cover athlete Zion Williamson is an incredible compliment to his game. These are only a few playmakers on this team, and this isn’t even mentioning players such as Meyers Leonard, Jae Crowder, Udonis Haslem, Slam Dunk Champion Derrick Jones Jr, Kelly Olynyk, Chris Silva, and more. 

Keeping this core together is crucial for their future. The Heat do have some key players going into free agency this off-season which could pose a challenge. Whatever direction they choose to go in this year regarding the draft and free agency, I’m sure their NBA Champion coach Erik Spoelstra will win Miami a few more banners in the rafters.

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