The NFL Franchise Leaderboard: Team #32 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Written By: Shane Dunn

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a dumpster fire of an organization and it doesn’t feel like an end is in sight. This year is the only reason I’d put them lower than who’s next on the list, as they let the majority of their team walk in free agency and made poor drafting choices. With 26 seasons since their inception into the league in 1995, they’ve gone 177-229-0 in that short time. You are statistically more likely to flip a coin and it lands on heads than you are to see the Jaguars win on any given day. It isn’t entirely the Jaguar’s fault, however. If you had to think to yourself who’s the most memorable Jaguar of all time, you’d have to think long and hard. Maybe Fournette? But he was only there for about three years. Bortles? God, I hope not. It would actually be Fred Taylor, a name the average football fan will not recognize. Fred Taylor’s career could have been very special if not riddled with injuries, giving him the nickname, “Fragile Fred”. He had 11,000 yards in his career with 66 rushing touchdowns and over twenty fumbles, not exactly the player you’d like to have as the head of your franchise. 

The Quarterback position is the most essential part of an NFL team, and naming the Jaguars best of all time is also a difficult task. When you go on the interwebs and type in, “Who is the best Jaguar quarterback of all time?”, the unanimous answer is Mark Brunell. Mark played with the Jaguars from their debut in the league all the way to 2003. He threw for 25,698 yards in his eight seasons with the team and threw 106 touchdown passes, followed by four playoff wins. Speaking of the playoffs the Jaguars record is god awful. In the fourteen games they’ve participated in, they have a .500 record going 7-7, never going farther than the AFC Championship, losing both to the Patriots 19 years apart. If this year’s free agency didn’t go so bad, I wouldn’t have them so low, but allowing players such as Leonard Founette, Tyler Eifert, Yannick Ngakoue, and many more key players to leave the team is just baffling. Read next week’s article to see who gets the number 31 spot. Please stop choking Jacksonville.

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