The Return of Antonio Brown: Will it Last?

Written By: Bobby Foran

Antonio Brown is back. He’s been doing the right thing for the past few months: Not saying anything at all. No drama, for once. With his suspension ending and people forgetting what drama he’s caused, he’s in pretty good shape to be signed. The favorite landing spots for Brown are Seattle, Baltimore, or Tampa Bay. Any of those spots would be crazy. Those are some of the top offenses in the NFL. Thank god the Chiefs aren’t in on him. I believe Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in the NFL although he hasn’t played in a while. Wherever he goes, he immediately makes the offense better. So, where did he go?

Antonio Brown went to the… Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Wow. Brown just really likes Tom Brady. I mean, what receiver wouldn’t want to play with Tom Brady at any point in his career? This is honestly pretty cool. The Buccaneers now have the best receiving core in the entire NFL. This isn’t an opinion. It’s a pure fact. Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, even Scotty Miller is a name to mention. Oh, and Rob Gronkowski. No defense in the league will be able to shut Tampa’s offense down. It’s not even just their passing attack, as running back Ronald Jones has made a name for himself as well. This offense will be even more fun to watch.

The Antonio Brown comeback tour is ready to start. He seems to have learned his lesson. He can’t start any drama. I don’t believe he will start anything solely because this is his last chance. Playing on a contending team with Tom Brady and an elite offense is a blessing. If he gets cut, his career is likely over. He won’t put up the bizarre numbers that we’ve seen him put up just because there’s so much talent on that team. Each player will get their turn with the football. The expectations keep getting higher for the Buccaneers. This team should go pretty far, but will they?

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