A Disaster in Dallas: The Fall of The Cowboys

Written By: Clutch Sports Talk

The Dallas Cowboys have not appeared in a Super Bowl since 1996 and have only managed to win four playoff games since 2009. For a franchise with such an illustrious history and prestige, it is an embarrassment for Cowboy fans. The Dallas Cowboys have been a laughing stock of the NFL for at least the last 20 years. Seemingly, they always have a good team on paper but are never able to put it all together on the field, which would amount to wins and championships. Year after year, Cowboys fans must deal with the mediocracy of the ownership and coaching staff that is in place. Although the Dallas Cowboys are the most valued franchise in the world, none of that has led to success on the field.

When Jerry Jones took ownership of the team, his first line of business was to fire the Hall of Famer and legendary coach, Tom Landry. He then brought in a college teammate that he played with at Arkansas, Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson had a tremendous amount of success at the University of Miami, winning several National Championships. Jimmy Johnson’s brash and very strategic mentality was an asset for the Dallas Cowboys early on. During Jimmie Johnson’s tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, he was able to win two super bowls and drafted several All-Pro and Hall of Fame type players. After Jimmy Johnson was let go, Barry Switzer took over the Cowboys and was able to win one Super Bowl. After that Super Bowl, it was all downhill for the Dallas Cowboys. When Jerry Jones decided to fire Jimmy Johnson, it was the beginning of a disastrous course for the Dallas Cowboys. Since the last Super Bowl appearance in the 95-96 season, the Dallas Cowboys are among 7 teams that have not been able to make a conference championship in the past 20 years.

There are several factors as to why the Dallas Cowboys have not seen recent success. They have made the playoffs and have won several playoff games, but since 2009, the Cowboys have only won four playoff games, and if you want to be called America’s team, winning four playoff games in a 10-12 year stretch is not a good look.

So, what is really the problem in Dallas? Some feel coaching is a problem. Others think they do not have the right players. But really the biggest problem in Dallas is their billionaire owner Jerry Jones. Now you cannot argue Jerry Jones’s business acumen. He has taken a franchise and built an empire with minimal winning and championship success. He does have three super bowls to his credit however no recent success. Whereas, you look at other teams such as the New England Patriots who have been great for 20 plus years and have been able to win six super bowls since Jerry Jones won his last Super Bowl in the 1995-96 season.

So why is Jerry the problem? Jones’s ability to make football decisions has incapacitated the Dallas Cowboys. Mainly contracts that were negotiated by Jerry Jones himself with players who had no business making the type of money Jerry Jones was willing to pay them. Also, Jerry Jones is such a larger than life character, he can sometimes overshadow the Dallas Cowboys as an owner. Not many owners are quick to go to the media and have a press conference after a game. Not many owners have a regular radio show slot dedicated to him every week. Jerry Jones has an issue with others taking the credit for the success of the team, which explains why Jimmy Johnson was let go after winning a Super Bowl. He later was able to hire Bill Parcells who although did not win a Super Bowl, still brought the Dallas Cowboys back into relevance. After Bill Parcells started to receive credit, Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells decided to part ways. Jerry is not your typical owner. He feels he is a football aficionado and could make football decisions. This poses a huge problem for Dallas because the owner also feels he is an expert general manager and can make general manager type decisions. The fact of the matter is that Jerry Jones wants the credit if the Dallas Cowboys are ever able to go back to the mountain top and reclaim their spot on top of the NFL hierarchy.

The truth is, this will never happen while Jerry Jones is still operating as the owner/general manager of this football team. His pride and unawareness of the current football landscape will always be a detriment to the Dallas Cowboys. Therefore, there is no success to be seized here soon as the Dallas Cowboys will continue to struggle under Jerry Jones’s reign. Unless some unforeseen type of event occurs, Jerry Jones will not relinquish his control over the Dallas Cowboys from a general managing standpoint. His son Stephen Jones has been instrumental to a lot of the decisions made however the buck stops with Jerry Jones and he has the final say on everything Dallas Cowboys related. Unfortunately for Dallas Cowboy fans, this team will continue to struggle year in and year out because the owner has too much pride to step aside and understand that his own leadership ability is not up to par to take the Dallas Cowboys back to the times when they were truly America’s team.

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