Can This 16 Year Old, 7’3 Prodigy Become The Next G.O.A.T ?

Written By: Shane Dunn

Picking out who is the next best prospect is usually an impossible game, especially when you’re basing it off of people who are only 16 years of age. Meet 7’3” Victor Wembanyama, the next big thing.

Victor is a 7’3”, 203lb monster with an even more impressive 8-foot wingspan. Scouts are saying he is a model of Porzingis in relation to body type, Kevin Durant offensively, and Rudy Gobert on defense, all at age 16. To compare him to a two-time champion and one of the greatest offensive players of all time in KD and a two-time Defensive Player of the Year in Rudy Gobert means that he has already proven to have an abundance of potential. Now at 7’3”, you have a very promising center on your hands, the only thing is, he plays like a point guard. 

The only issue some people have is that he weighs less than John Wall, who is almost a whole foot shorter than Victor. If there is one amazing example I could give to show how Victor could sprout, it would be someone with an even tougher name to pronounce, Giannis. Giannis was an absolute twig joining the league, and now he’s one of the most muscular men in the league, so to say Victor could put on 20-30 pounds of muscle in the next few years isn’t insane. Also, he is only 16, which in my opinion is the best part of his game. He’s 7’3” already, so he could totally sprout up to 7’5” for all we know. 

With his incredible play style and massive size, he could be one of the most impressive players that we could see joining the NBA in the next two to three years. The only downfall, surprisingly, would be his height. Being too tall is a bad thing in the NBA, as we can see with certain players like Tacko Fall. Being too tall makes you way more injury prone, and way slower. But, if he can stay at 7’3” or even 7’4”, he could be a better Porzingis. He shoots the ball like a guard, dunks and has a post-game of a center, and plays defense like a former defensive player of the year. 

The ceiling is even taller than he is, and I could see him being a better Giannis in the future, but that’s an insanely hot take. So when or if it happens, remember this article.

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