The Sad Truth For Saquan Barkley

Written By: Bobby Foran

We may just be watching running back Saquon Barkley wither away right in front of our eyes. That’s scary to think about. I’m not super concerned yet. It’s only year three so there’s a lot of football left to be played for the young player. But, it’s also just year three and he already has had two season-ending injuries. We know what he can do, but when will we see more of him?

The year is 2018. Saquon Barkley is a household name for those around the country. He just had one of the greatest rookie seasons in recent memory. The New York Giants are so lucky they have him. He’ll definitely be the 1st fantasy pick for years to come.

The year is 2020. Saquon is injured, again. He was hurt all of last season as well. He didn’t miss many games, but it was too obvious that he was struggling. He did show out towards the very end of the year, however. But this year, he’s done for. He tore his ACL while playing the Bears in just the second game of the season. Poor fantasy owners, but more importantly, poor Saquon. He has generational talent. There hasn’t been a running back like him in so long. He could possibly end up like Barry Sanders and retire early because of injuries. Is this an overreaction? Very likely. It just hurts to know what he can do and not be able to see him do it. How did Saquon end up in this situation?

If you had to blame someone, it would be the Giant’s front office. Imagine Barkley behind an elite offensive line. That’d be glorious to watch. He already has so many highlights behind a terrible offensive line. He’d be Ezekiel Elliot but a lot better. So why doesn’t Saquon have an elite offensive line? Because of Dave Gettleman and the rest of the Giant’s front office. Nobody is really sure why Gettleman still has a job. The only thing he’s done somewhat right was not drafting Dwayne Haskins. Oh, and drafting Saquon of course. Regardless, he didn’t do anything to help Saquon or Daniel Jones for that matter. If this organization ruins Saquon Barkley, there’ll be anger and sadness throughout the football world.

No, Saquon is not done for. Not yet. Pray to the football gods that he won’t be ruined though. Don’t call him injury prone yet, but if he’s injured next season… it’s something bad to think about. We know what he can do because we’ve seen what he can do. But only in one season. It’s too early to name him Barry Sanders 2.0. I know that. It’s just sad to see his potential being held back. Get well soon, Saquon!

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