The Future of Dak Prescott

Written By: Bobby Foran

As most of you are aware, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered an absolutely brutal leg injury. It was gruesome to watch. The injury, of course, brought Dak’s season to an end. Andy Dalton is now QB1… actually scratch that. He just got a major head injury against the Washington Football team. Now Ben DiNucci is the starting quarterback for the time being. So Dak was essentially playing to land a massive contract extension with Dallas. Now, his future is a mystery. What can happen with the quarterback?

Dak was playing at a very elite status before his injury this season. Besides the game of his injury, his lowest amount of passing yards in a game was 266. His highest being 502. It was obvious how hard he was trying. It’s also obvious now how much the Cowboys needed Dak at quarterback. There were questions about him before this season. Is he a franchise quarterback? Does he deserve money like other elite quarterbacks in the NFL? Is he a top 10 quarterback? The answers to those are yes. He was franchise tagged by Dallas during the off-season. He doesn’t deserve 40 million dollars a year. Nowhere near that. But the Cowboys need him. Jerry Jones has to make the smart decision and keep Dak in Dallas. 

Dak is not on the same level as Patrick Mahomes or Russell Wilson, but he can still lead an offense very well. He proved that. He is the best quarterback in the NFC East. (Which isn’t a huge accomplishment) Dak’s injury was very unfortunate, as he was playing some of the best football he has in his career. What’s best for him and Dallas going forward? Well, I could see him signing a nice contract with the Cowboys and staying for a while. Or if the Cowboys are stupid, they’ll let him walk. If he has an opportunity to go to a legit contender, do it. What I think will happen is he is extended in Dallas and stays with them during the rebuilding process they seem to be going through. Get well soon Dak. Also, how bout’ them Cowboys?

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