Where Will Trevor Lawrence Be in 2021?

Written By: Bobby Foran

We are in late October and the 2021 NFL Draft is already being highly anticipated. Whoever has the first pick in the draft knows what to do. They have to draft Trevor Lawrence. The college quarterback from Clemson is being compared to Andrew Luck, John Elway, Deshaun Watson, and other greats. He did claim he declared for the draft. Then, the New York Jets happened. They have the possibility to go 0-16 and are super likely to get the first pick. The Jets look absolutely terrible. They are the worst team in the league right now. So, how will the 2021 draft play out?

Many think Trevor Lawrence will pull an “Eli Manning” and refuse to go to the Jets. These are the same people who thought Joe Burrow would do that. And EVERY first pick EVERY year. Those people are uneducated. When you have the opportunity to be the 1st pick in the NFL, you don’t turn it down. Usually, when a team has the first pick, it means they’re terrible. Throughout history, there have been many first and very early picks. How many have refused to go to a team? Just Eli Manning. This stuff happens every year. This player doesn’t wanna go there. It’s possible that Lawrence refuses to go to New York. This team looks bad enough to scare players who may be drafted there. Trevor himself even said everything is uncertain if he’ll stay another year in college or fully declare for the draft. But, ESPN interpreted this as him saying he’d never go to the Jets and is staying in college. Everyone stop overreacting! He’s very likely to get drafted in 2021. Yes, the New York Jets are terrible now, but it’ll get better with Trevor.

The Jets have a ton of draft picks over the next few years. The Jets have a great general manager who knows how to build a team. The Jets have a lot of cap space. They are in a phase called a rebuilding phase. A smart and great team player would go to whatever team chooses them. Trevor Lawrence would start off the rebuilding process. The Jets have a terrible reputation. That’s the past! It’s just trendy to get the Jets. But realistically, the future is bright in New York, and Trevor Lawrence should be a part of it.

To summarize, if the Jets have the first pick in 2021, Trevor Lawrence should accept being drafted there. He very likely will. There are way too many overreactions going on. There’s a small possibility that he stays put at Clemson, but that would be a bad decision. Stop the commotion and accept that Trevor Lawrence could be a New York Jet.

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