NASCAR Cup Series: The Race at Martinsville

Written By: Tim Watkins

As the NASCAR Cup Series heads into the race in Martinsville, many drivers are itching for a win. This 500 lap, 263 mile race will be huge coming before the last race of the playoffs in Avondale, Arizona at the Phoenix Raceway. Joey Logano is the only driver at the moment who has locked up a spot for the Championship Four. And, while Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, and Brad Kesolowski are above the cut line, Alex Bowman, Chase Elliot, Martin Truex Jr., and Kurt Bush are all hoping for a good performance to help themselves maybe get into the Final Four.

The 2017 Cup Series Champion,, Martin Truex Jr., has had success the last couple of times he has come to Martinsville, winning the last two races held here, as he says, “We know we can win there, and we have obviously shown it in the past.” And, a win is what he needs, seeing that he is 36 points short of the cut line at the moment.

Chase Elliot will be another interesting driver to watch, seeing that he can consistently finish in the top 10, and if he is able to, he can maybe even pull off a win, which would be huge, as he too needs a win, since he is only 25 points away from reaching that cutline.

However, even though this will be a very exciting race, it will also sadly be the final race in which Jimmie Johnson competes in as a full time driver, and with this, he finalizes his legacy as one of, if not the greatest NASCAR driver ever, as he goes over to IndyCar to fulfill a lifelong dream.

So be ready for Sunday’s race in Martinsville, as the drivers at the top try to defend their spots, and the drivers desperately hoping for a spot are going to hopefully be up for the challenge and possibly even get a win on race day.

Standings (Before Sunday’s Race):

1. Kevin Harvick: 4137

2. Denny Hamlin: 4122

3. Brad Kesolowski: 4120

4. Alex Bowman: 4095

5. Chase Elliot: 4095

6. Joey Logano: 4094 (Locked In)

7. Martin Truex Jr: 4084

8. Kurt Busch: 4039

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