The NFL Franchise Leaderboard: Team #31 – Houston Texans

Written By: Shane Dunn

The Houston Texans are only at the 31 spot due to the fact they have such a nice looking future, and the last couple of seasons haven’t been as bad as the beginning for this team. The Texans came into the league in 2002, and since then have only made it as far as the Divisional Round of the playoffs. In their 19 seasons, they have gone 132-163, an abysmal record by any means, and it’s only so high due to their recent success, but it should be much higher. Having a team with incredible franchise players like JJ Watt, Deshaun Watson, and last year, DeAndre Hopkins, who they gave up for a stale bag of chips and half a sprite. Their now ex-Head Coach Bill O’Brien had so much potential and absolutely ran this team into the ground. The only reason this team had a chance in the playoffs was because of the Bills’ awful performance in the wildcard game, and because they could not hold a lead against the Chiefs. Since their inception, their best record was 12 wins, and they have been first in the division six times, which is terrifying to hear they’ve never been past the divisional round, but when you look at their all time leaders, this isn’t too shocking.

Let’s start with the most important position in football, the quarterback. Obviously their stat leader all time would be Matt Schaub, who will be dethroned by Deshaun in the next few years if he decides to stay. Matt threw for 20k+ yards and over 100 touchdowns in his career in Houston. This feels like empty stat-padding due to the fact they have done squat in the league. Then you have their leading rusher Arian Foster, who I bet the majority of people have never heard of. Rushing for 6,000 yards and 54 touchdowns is not the worst career. Their leaders aren’t all that bad and that’s not at all why they’re in the #31 position. It’s due to their lackluster and awful decisions. In 2016, they took the gamble of the century on one of the worst contracts ever. They gave an unproven Brock Osweiler $72 million and then traded him after him being awful, basically paying the equivalent of a punter with what I like to call “arm punts,” or interceptions way downfield. The Texans are obviously awful, but the future isn’t so bleak and in five years I know they’ll for sure break the top 20. Tune in next week to read about who passed them and got into the #30 spot. Hire someone better than Bill pretty please Texans.

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