Week 8 NFL Predictions : Going In Depth

Written By: Logan Kaufman



The Patriots will take on the Bills this weekend in Buffalo in a game in which both teams have a lot to prove. The Patriots are coming into the game with a not-so-good,l 2 – 4 record, while the Bills are boasting a 5-2 record. Both of these teams have not played the best over the last three weeks as the Patriots have lost three games in a row and the Bills have lost two of their last three. Not only did the Patriots lose their last game, but they got beaten by 27 points to a beaten up San Francisco team. The Bills also showed many struggles last game as their offense only managed to put up 18 points against the Jets, while barely leading for the majority of the game. Coming into this game, I believe that both teams will have a lot to prove but the Bills will ultimately claim the victory at home, pushing their record to 6-2 on the season.

Prediction: Bills 31 – Patriots 23



The Titans and Derrick Henry will take on the Joe burrow led Cincinnati Bengals this weekend in Cincinnati. Tennessee is coming into this game with a strong 5-1 record while the Bengals are the opposite with a 1-5-1 record. The Titans have been nearly unbeatable this season up until last week, when they lost in a very close contest to the dominant Steelers. On the other side of things, The Bengals are carrying a cold streak into this game as they have lost their last three games. The Bengals have played three games at home this season and have only won one of them. I can see the Titans who are undefeated on the road taking advantage of the Bengal’s weakness at home as they claim their sixth victory of the season.

Prediction: Titans 34 – Bengals 24



The Las Vegas Raiders will play the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland this weekend and this game is set to be a great one. Both of these teams have shown to be very inconsistent this season and that could make the difference in this game. The Raiders have a .500 record while the Browns have a strong, 5-2 record. The Browns have won four of their last five games and are undefeated at home this season. The Raiders have lost three of their last five games, but they will look for cover this week against Cleveland. I do believe that Las Vegas can hand Cleveland their first loss of the season at home, although this game will be a very close one.

Prediction: Raiders 26 – Browns 21



The Indianapolis Colts will travel north this weekend to play the Detroit Lions in Detroit, Michigan. The Colts are entering this game with a 4-2 record and the Lions are entering this game with a .500 record. Both teams are coming into this game somewhat hot, as the Colts have won four of their last five and the Lions have won two consecutive games. In the past week, the Lions pulled off a miracle as they beat the Falcons at the last second. The Colts past week was a little bit calmer, as they had a bye week. This week the Colts will be very well rested coming into this game against Detroit and I think that they will capitalize on that. Indianapolis will continue their hot streak as their offense will dominate Detroit on the road.

Prediction: Colts 28 – Lions 23


SPREAD: GB – 6.0

The Vikings vs Packers game is one of the easier games to predict this weekend and for good reason. The Vikings have struggled this season and the Packers have been one of the teams to beat in the NFC. Coming into this game, the Packers only have one loss on the season and the Vikings only have one win. To top off the advantage that Green Bay already has, they get to play at home, at Lambeau Field, where they are undefeated so far this season. Aaron Rodgers will lead Green Bay to another blowout win as they expand their dominance over just another team in the league.

Prediction: Packers 41 – Vikings 17


SPREAD: KC – 20.5

The Vikings vs Packers game was one of the easiest games to predict, but the Chiefs vs Jets game is even easier. The Jets are by far the worst team in the league this season and the Chiefs are arguably the best. The Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions and they are led by MVP caliber quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes has absolutely dominated this season as he has led the Chiefs to a 6-1 record in the first seven weeks. The Jets have done horrible this season, as they are yet to earn themselves a win. My pick for this game does not even need any reasoning because the two teams speak for themselves. After this week, the Jets will be one week closer to drafting Trevor Lawrence.

Prediction: Chiefs 48 – Jets 9



The Dolphins vs Rams game will be a very exciting game as Tua Tagovailoa will make his first NFL start. The Dolphins are sitting at a 3-3 record so far this season and the Rams have a 5-2 record. This game is anticipated by most people to be a very easy victory for the Rams, but I am predicting the opposite. The Rams have not been the most consistent team this season and I think the Dolphins will feed off of their inconsistency. I believe that Tua Tagovailoa will thrive in his first NFL start and he will easily convince fans that he is the real deal. The Miami Dolphins will upset the Los Angeles Rams as they advance to week 8 with a winning record.

Prediction: Dolphins 24 – Rams 20



The last 1:00 game is arguably the best game of the day as it will show off a couple of the most talented teams in the AFC. The undefeated Steelers will travel to Baltimore to take on the Lamar Jackson led Ravens. This is a highly anticipated matchup, as both teams have been very dominant teams that have proved they can be contenders this season. The Steelers have arguably the best defense in the NFL and the Ravens have one of, if not the best offense in the NFL. That should make for a very interesting game this Sunday and I think that all fans all over the NFL are very excited to watch this game pan out. My prediction though is that the Steelers will remain undefeated as they take down the Baltimore Ravens on the road.

Prediction: Steelers 37 – Ravens 31



The first afternoon game will be held in Denver, Colorado, as the Denver Broncos take on the Los Angeles Chargers. Both teams are entering this game with a 2-4 record, although the Chargers have played much more difficult teams. Additionally, both teams are entering this game on a cold streak as they have each lost the majority of their last five games. The biggest factor in this game will be whether or not the Denver Broncos can squash their horrible history at home this season. I ultimately do not think that the Broncos will be able to win their first game at home and I think that the Chargers will move to a 3-4 record.

Prediction: Chargers 30 – Broncos 17


SPREAD: NO – 4.5

Another great game will be held Sunday afternoon between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears. This game will take place in Chicago as the two teams will battle it out to keep up in the race for the NFC title. Both teams currently have only two losses and they have played very well this season. Despite both teams being extremely talented, I see this game as an easy prediction because of how hot the Saints have been lately. The Saints have won three consecutive games, all against somewhat challenging teams. I believe that the Saints will be able to carry their hot streak into this game against the Bears and they will have no problem winning on the road.

Prediction: Saints 27 – Bears 17



The 49ers versus the Seahawks game will be the final 4:25 game and I think that it will be an offensive shootout. Both teams taking the field in this game have put up 20-plus points in the majority of their games this season. Because of this statistic, I believe this game will come down to whose defense can show up the best. Based on the results of most of the games this season, Seattle has a stronger defense. I do believe that Seattle will be the dominant team in this game and I think that they will escape with a close win.

Prediction: Seahawks 37 – 49ers 33


SPREAD: PHI – 11.0

The Sunday night game will show off two teams who are battling it out for their terrible division. The Cowboys will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for Sunday Night Football. This game was highly anticipated before the season began, but it is now expected to be a messy game. The Cowboys started off the season strong, but have struggled since the brutal injury to their Star Quarterback, Dak Prescott. The Eagles don’t really have an excuse for their mediocre play, but they definitely seem to be the stronger team in this matchup. I think that the Eagles will thrive in this game and Carson Wentz will show flashes of his old self.

Prediction: Eagles 33 – Cowboys 13


SPREAD: TB – 12.5

The last game of the week is between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants. This Monday night game will be fun to watch, just because of how hot the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been. Tom Brady has led Tampa Bay to wins in four of their last five games, including a win against the very dominant Green Bay Packers. The Tampa Bay offense has really just been a blast to watch and there is no doubt in my mind that they will continue their hot streak as they pull apart the New York defense. Tampa Bay will take this game easily to conclude week 8.

Prediction: Buccaneers 40 – Giants 21

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