Josh Allen Over The Years

Written By: Tyler Stack

Josh Allen went from one of the least accurate QBS in the league to top 5 in mostly every accuracy stat in the NFL. Lets take a look at how it happened. 

Year 1: Josh threw for 10 TDS and 13 INTS while only completing 52% of his passes. 

Year 2: Josh threw for 20 TDS and 9 INTS while completing 58% of his passes. 

Year 3: Josh has thrown for 16 TDS and 4 INTS while completing 68% of his passes

The drastic increase in accuracy and production has nothing to do with his Talent as a QB, but his mechanics and taking what defenses give him. We’ve seen him make throws into double coverage and we’ve seen him with sloppy footwork. But he has matured so much as a QB and he’s a fantastic leader. I’m so excited to see this kid grow throughout hopefully many great years to come in Buffalo!

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