Who To Put Your Money On? Best NFL Teams ATS and O/U

Written By: Next Man Up Sportscast

Sports betting has become increasingly popular in the United States, in fact, it is now legal in 19 states. In this article, I’m going to share with you some stats on which teams are doing the best against the spread to help you fill out that betslip on Sundays. 

The Pittsburg Steelers: Against the spread record (6-2) 

  • This year the steelers have been betting gold obviously the team’s overall record is 8-0 but for gamblers, we truly care about how much they’ve been winning by. The Steelers have covered the spread 6 out of 8 times the only times they haven’t was a weird game against Dallas last week were the spread was –14 (a lot of points for an NFL game) and -6.5 game against the Denver Broncos that came down to the wire and the Steelers missed the cover by 2 points. No line has been released for their matchup with the Bengals as we await the status of Ben Roethlisberger. Best Bet Unknown  

The Maimi Dolphins: Against the spread record (6-2) 

  • While Miami sits at 5-3, they have been better when factoring in the spread. Miami has come into 7 of their 8 games as the underdog, meaning they are getting points to help them out against opponents. In most games, they haven’t needed the points as they have been outright winners 5 out of 7 times while being the underdog. They failed to cover against division rival New England, but it was week one and the Dolphins have since, figured a lot of things out. They also failed to cover against the likely MVP Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks, despite leading for most of that game. This week they are the favorite by 2.5 points against the 2-6 Los Angles Chargers. The Last time Miami was the favorite, they beat the Jets 24-0 and covered the 10-point spread. Bet Miami –2.5!

Other than picking teams, you can also place wagers on the two teams to score a combined number of points past a certain point total. These are the teams doing that the most this year.

The New Orlean Saints: Over record (7-1) 

  • This year the Saints offense has been dynamic and has been able to move the ball up and down the field with ease. The key to a team being a good bet for the overs isn’t just about having a good offense, but about having a defense that can get scored on often. The Saints defense while decent against the run, has had its struggles in the secondary, but I might be wary moving forward as they truly stepped up against a great offense in Tampa Bay last week on SNF. In fact, it was the only time that a Saints game has not gone over this year. This was not for a lack of New Orleans offense, but because their defense held Tom Brady and the Bucs to just 3 points. The best bet is under 50, SF vs. NO.

The Las Vegas Raiders: Over record (6-1-1) 

  • This year the Raiders have been over gold. You might be thinking, “But the Raiders don’t have a great offense.”. You’d be correct in that assumption, but they do have an efficient offense that ranks in the top half of the league in offensive efficiency, meaning they make the most of their possessions and get points often. That, coupled with the fact that their defense ranks among the worst in the league in points allowed, is a great recipe for the overs to hit in just about any Raiders game. The one time the over didn’t cover was in a 16-6 victory against the Browns, where winds were blowing at a crazy high rate making it nearly impossible to throw the football. The best bet is over 51.5, LV vs. DEN.

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