Top 5 NFL Games to Watch: NFL Week 10 Predictions

** Win/Loss Record: 71 – 39 (65%)

** Record Against Spread: 57 – 52 (52%)

Written By: Daniel Sustiel, Predictions By: Logan Kaufman

Giants (2-7) vs. Eagles (3-4-1) : PHI – 4.0

Is this really the battle for first place in the NFC EAST? That is correct. With a win on Sunday, the Giants will be a half game out of the division lead with a record of 3-7. Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t have been weirder. If the Giants can manufacture any offense, expect this game to be a tight contest. 

Score Prediction: Eagles 33 – Giants 23

Chargers (2-6) vs. Dolphins (5-3) : MIA – 1.5

Not many quarterbacks succeed in their first year in the NFL. But, Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa will look to continue to prove the national media wrong. Herbert does have a tough matchup going up against a Brian Flores led defense. Which ever rookie cracks under pressure might be the deciding factor in this game!

Score Prediction: Dolphins 27 – Chargers 24

Cardinals (5-3) vs. Bills (7-2) : ARI – 2.5

Two of the highest scoring offenses in the NFL meet this Sunday, both coming off 30+ point performances. Defense/turnovers will be the prevailing force in this game. Although, I am confident when I say that little to none of it will be found. Expect a shootout in the desert!

Score Prediction: Bills 41 – Cardinals 31

Seahawks (6-2) vs. Rams (5-3) : LAR – 2.0

MVP front runner, Russell Wilson, is potentially coming off his worst game of the season, and it’s not going to get much easier for him. This Sunday, Wilson will be going up against two of the best defenders the NFL has to offer in Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald! Russell Wilson will look to have a bounce back game. As for the Seahawks defense, it’s ranked in the bottom third in the league in almost every statistical category and Rams Head Coach Sean McVay knows that. I doubt this will be your traditional defensive matchup. 

Score Prediction: Seahawks 38 – Rams 33

Ravens (6-2) vs. Patriots (3-5) : BAL – 7.0

Has Lamar Jackson shown regression? Is Cam Newton washed up? Is Bill Belichick truly the best coach ever? This game will be filled with question marks, but at least a few of them will be answered. Expect a low scoring affair in this one.

Score Prediction: Ravens 36 – Patriots 24

Other Game Predictions:

(CLE – 4.0) TEXANS VS. BROWNS: Texans 27 – Browns 24

(DET – 4.0) WASHINGTON VS. LIONS: Lions 31 – Washington 26

(GB – 13.5) JAGUARS VS. PACKERS: Packers 36 – Jaguars 23

(TB – 6.0) BUCCANEERS VS. PANTHERS: Buccaneers 31 – Panthers 17

(LV – 4.0) BRONCOS VS. RAIDERS: Raiders 33 – Broncos 27

(NO – 9.5) 49ERS VS. SAINTS: Saints 41 – 49ers 13

(PIT – 7.5) BENGALS VS. STEELERS: Steelers 34 – Bengals 21

(MIN – 3.0) VIKINGS VS. BEARS: Vikings 38 – Bears 27

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