NFL Top 10 Power Rankings: Post Week 9

Written By: David Scanlan

#10: Arizona Cardinals (5-3) Previously – #9

This team faces another frustrating loss and it is becoming harder each week to tell which version of the Cardinals we will see. Will we see the well rounded Cardinals where their defense makes enough stops and plays to win? Do we get the Cardinals where they have to rely on their fast paced offense to keep up and win a shootout? It’s disappointing to see, because they could realistically be undefeated or at least sitting atop of their division. The Cardinals have two tough games coming up against the Bills this sunday, and then they face Seattle on a TNF Showdown. Kyler was responsible for all 4 TD’s in Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins, with 3 passing and 1 rushing. I feel as if this team needs to gain control of games and stop going back and forth, and it will start with the defense.

#9: Indianapolis Colts (6-3) Previously – Unranked

After a decent first half from the Colts and the Titans in a TNF Week 10 showdown, the Colts found themselves trailing 17-13. Whatever was said in the locker room must’ve worked because they came out and scored 21 unanswered points, and didn’t allow the Titans to score once in the second half. Their defense was terrific and they found themselves blocking a punt for a touchdown, holding Tannehill to under 150 passing yards, and Henry to 0 TD’s and a little over 100 rushing yards. They don’t have any big names either, but work as a team and hold one another accountable. When their offensive game gets going, this team is tough to beat.

#8: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3) Previously – #4

Is there really much I can say about this performance? The Buccaneers got a good old fashioned beatdown from the Saints, losing 38-3. Not a single touchdown happened for the Buccaneers as Tom Brady threw 3 Interceptions. The defense only got 1 sack all game against Brees, and was just straight up out-coached by Sean Payton. The Buccaneers are still in contention to win this division, but their coaching staff needs to step up. We also can’t look past one of Brady’s worst performances of his career. He is another guy who needs to turn it around, and I believe he can.

#7: Seattle Seahawks (6-2) Previously – #3

The Seahawks lost a tough one to Buffalo 44-33 and once again, we see the effects on this team of what having a pretty bad defense can do to you. Granted, Russ didn’t help the Seahawks attempt of winning here, throwing 2 interceptions, but did still make an effort, being responsible for 3 touchdowns Sunday. A positive from this game is that D.K. Metcalf is a monster and will be one of the best Wide Receivers for years to come, as he racked up 108 yards and a TD on 7 catches. The Seahawks have a tough matchup against the Los Angeles Rams who have gotten the best of them in recent years, but look to see them bounce back. 

#6: New Orleans Saints (6-2) Previously – #7

This is one of, if not the best showings that the Saints have shown us all season. Drew Brees threw for 222 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Kamara also found the endzone through the running game. The Saints are showing that when they are healthy, they are a team that has the chance to make a deep playoff run. Realistically, they can finish another year at 13-3 with a top seed in the NFC. Out of their last remaining games, only one of them has a winning record and that would be the Kansas City Chiefs

#5: Buffalo Bills (7-2) Previously – #8

Josh Allen came back guns blazing after struggling these past few weeks, and it was a great game to watch. He threw for 415 yards, 3 TDs in the air, no interceptions, AND a rushing TD as well. Josh Allen just absolutely took over this game and got his second game this season with 400+ passing yards. Stefon Diggs and John Brown just completely took over the passing game as they both had around 100 yards. Tre White and Jordan Poyer both picked off Russ once each and ultimately got the defensive stops needed.

#4: Baltimore Ravens (6-2) Previously – #6

Baltimore grabbed a pretty solid win against the Colts in Week 9, but I still have a glaring issue with this Ravens offense. Everytime a defense who has a good coordinator and some good players matches up against Lamar and makes him throw, Lamar struggles terribly and doesn’t get much done through the air. Ultimately, they still walked away with a win so that is what matters most.

#3: Green Bay Packers (6-2) Previously – #5

Is it officially the time when we can say that the Aaron Rodgers – Davante Adams duo is among the best in the league, and arguably the best. Rodgers had another clean game throwing 4 TD’s and no interceptions. Davante had another huge game with 10 catches, 173 yards, and a TD. Aaron Rodgers came into this season knowing he has to rely on Davante with the opt-outs and injuries that happened in the off-season, and Davante has been nothing short of great. If the Packers can keep this up, they have a real chance of making a deep playoff run. 

#2: Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) Previously – #2

The rushing game for the Chiefs was practically non existent this game. Nobody on the Chiefs recorded over 15 rushing yards, so once again, Mahomes was relied upon to will them to a win. When you are a half billion dollar man in the NFL, you should be able to be called upon whenever it may be. Mahomes had 372 passing yards, 4 passing touchdowns, and Tyreek Hill came through catching two of them. This was a game that was too close for Chiefs comfort, but they got the job done and still are fighting for that top spot in the AFC. 

#1: Pittsburgh Steelers (8-0) Previously – #1

The only undefeated team that still stands, the Pittsburgh Steelers. After remaining undefeated and being the only one after last week, they remained undefeated once again, after a close game with the Dallas Cowboys, winning 24-19. In the first two quarters, it looked as if Garrett Gilbert would be the one to hand them their first loss, but Ben Roethlisburger came through and finished with 300+ yards, 3 TD’s, and no interceptions. Juju also had a big game, racking up nearly 100 yards and a TD to go with it. The Steelers look to start off 10-0 with these next two games against the Bengals and Jaguars.

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