NBA Trade Rumors and Predictions

Written by Justin Alberto

As we know, the pandemic caused a hiatus and the NBA finished its season on October 11th. That is not the norm, and it has now resulted in a very short off-season. All sorts of craziness can happen this off-season and big pieces can be on the move. Find out the latest rumors of NBA players that could be on the move and my predictions.


Victor Oladipo :

Teams Interested: Heat, Knicks, 76ers, Mavericks, and Bucks

Heat : The Heat have been a rumored landing spot for Oladipo, but the Pacers asking price is too steep for the Heat. Oladipo wouldn’t be a good fit for this Heat team in my opinion.

Knicks : The Knicks are dying for a star and Oladipo is that. But coming off a serious hamstring injury, will he be the same? The Knicks shouldn’t make this trade due to the fact that the asking price is too steep.

76ers : Michael K-B reported that the 76ers have interest in Victor Oladipo. This would be an okay fit as the sixers are in need of offensive help. The thing that the sixers need the most though is shooters. 

Mavericks : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Mavs are chasing a third star and Victor Oladipo was one of the players mentioned. It makes sense as he will be another explosive All-Star on that team and will make this team better. This seems like the best situation for Oladipo.

Bucks : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Pacers have talked to the Bucks about a potential trade around Victor Oladipo. The Bucks are in much need of another playmaker when it comes to the playoffs because teams know how to control Giannis in the big games. Will this move be a difference maker in their playoff efforts? Probably not. Oladipo hasn’t proven much in the playoffs to show he’s a game changing piece. But, the Bucks will be desperate enough to make the move to show Giannis why he shouldn’t leave in free agency next year if he doesn’t sign the supermax.

Prediction : Gets traded to the Bucks

Chris Paul :

Teams Interested : Bucks, Knicks, Clippers, Suns, and 76ers. 

Bucks : Ian Begely reported that the Bucks were interested in CP3. This makes sense because the Bucks need someone clutch down the stretch. A big 3 of Giannis, Middleton, and Paul will be hard to stop in the playoffs. 

Knicks : Ian Begley reported that the Knicks are interested in a deal for Chris Paul. It makes sense because the Knicks need some sort of star power in NYC. The Knicks are just a dumpster fire right now and they need to do something this offseason since striking out on KD and Kyrie last offseason.

Clippers : Ryen Russilo reported that Kawhi Leonard reached out to Paul to facilitate a trade to rejoin the Clippers. It makes sense because Chris Paul is just a more clutch player than Paul George. Chris Paul can handle the big moments, while Playoff P cannot. I don’t see a deal getting done because of the limited assets the Clippers have.

Suns : Brian Windhorst reported that the Suns have had discussions about acquiring Chris Paul. It makes sense because the Suns are dying for that veteran player that can lead a team. Devin Booker, Kelly Oubre Jr, and Deandre Ayton are amazing players but they need a veteran with playoff experience and Paul gives them just that. CP3 will no doubt take this team to the playoffs in a tight Western Conference.

76ers : Ian Begely reported the 76ers have shown interest in trading for CP3. It makes sense because there is familiarity with new Sixer Head Coach Doc Rivers and Chris Paul, as Doc coached Paul on the Clippers. The Sixers need one more piece to be a legitimate force in the East. They will likely need to find a taker for Al Horford’s brutal contract. 

Prediction : Traded to the Phoenix Suns

 Jrue Holiday :

Teams interested : Nets, Celtics, Hawks, Trailblazers, and Nuggets

Nets : Brooklyn has one of the best duos in the game with KD and Kyrie. They also have great young talent with Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarett Allen, and Joe Harris (if resigned). All of them are great offensive scorers but there are some flaws on the defensive side. Allen gets his blocks but gets bullied in the paint by bigger centers. It makes sense to trade for Holiday because he has shown he can score and would be one of, if not the best defender on the Nets roster. I just think New Orleans’ asking price will be too steep for Brooklyn. 

Celtics : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Celtics have interest in trading for Jrue Holiday. O’Connor also reported that the Celtics can package their 3 first-round picks in this year’s draft to move into the lottery and use that lottery pick in a deal for Holiday. Boston has a great team with Kemba, Jaylen Brown, Tatum, and Smart leading the way, but are they a Jrue Holiday caliber player from being the Eastern Conference favorites? Adam Kaufman reported a possible trade scenario where the Pelicans land Kemba and draft picks for Holiday. The Celtics are one of my dark horse teams to land Holiday when trading is officially allowed.

Hawks : Marc Stein reported that Atlanta has emerged as a possible trade destination for Holiday in a multi-team trade surrounding the No. 6 pick. It makes sense because Trae needs a backcourt partner who can score and defend guards and wings. Trae is an offensive superstar but his defense is subpar. Holiday can take some pressure off of Trae on both sides. Adding Holiday to a young, up and coming team can take this team to the next level.

Trailblazers : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Blazers could express interest in a Jrue Holiday trade. It makes sense because they need defense. I just don’t see much traction with this and I don’t see a trade getting done.

Nuggets : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Nuggets have interest in Jrue Holiday. This would be the best fit for Holiday in my opinion. They have a superstar player and adding Holiday will push this team as Western Conference favorites in my opinion. I don’t think they will have to give up Michael Porter Jr. in a trade, so that’s a positive. This Nuggets team is so, so close to being the best in the West, and Holiday may just do it.

Prediction :  Traded to the Nuggets

DeMar Derozan :

Teams Interested : Hawks, Bucks, Nets, Lakers

Hawks : LegionHoopsRoss reported that the Hawks have interest in trading for DeMar Derozan if made available. DeMar is a veteran with playoff experience and a great mid-range shooter. I don’t see Derozan as a good fit for Atlanta, as they will take on money for possibly one year of Derozan’s services.

Bucks : Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson reported the Bucks have interest in trading for Derozan. This makes sense because the Bucks need that third star. But Derozan is not the answer. Milwaukee needs a clutch player in big situations and Derozan, although is a great player, falls under the pressure at times. The Bucks may be too desperate to pull the trigger.

Nets : Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson reported that the Nets have interest in trading for Derozan. It makes sense because it’s rumored Brooklyn may be searching for that “third star.” Derozan is a star and with KD and Kyrie already abroad, Derozan doesn’t have to put that much pressure on himself to lead a team and make shots. This would be a great fit but I don’t see the Nets giving up the assets to trade for Derozan.

Lakers : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Lakers have interest in Derozan and that Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green would likely be included in the package. Would Pop really trade with the Lakers though? This may be the year. The Lakers, although they won the championship with Lebron and AD, there’s still some holes on the roster. The Lakers have limited assets to trade but I think they will have enough to get a deal done and I see LA is the best landing spot for Derozan.

Prediction : Stays with Spurs

Aaron Gordon :

Teams Interested : Bucks and Warriors

Bucks : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Bucks have interest in Aaron Gordon. It makes sense because Gordon is an athletic player and the Bucks need a third option. Is he that missing piece though? I think they should keep their roster as is, rather than giving up assets for Gordon.

Warriors : This one makes sense in a sense. They have Draymond Green at the 4, who is a great defender. Gordon is a better scorer who can rock the roof off. I just don’t see the Warriors making a move like this.

Prediction : Stays with the Orlando Magic

Myles Turner : 

Teams Interested : Celtics

Celtics : LegionHoopsRoss reports that the Celtics and Pacers have discussed a trade that sends Myles Turner to Boston. It makes sense because Boston needs a big man presence in the paint. Turner is one of the best shot blockers in the game and he can stretch the court. Turner would be a perfect fit in Boston. This has been one of rumors that will most likely come true.

Prediction : Turner gets traded to the Boston Celtics for Gordon Hayward in a three team trade.

Dennis Schroder :

*** Shams reported that the Los Angeles Lakers are in advanced talks with the Thunder to acquire Dennis Schroder. The deal is expected to include the No. 28 pick in Wednesday’s draft.

Prediction : Traded to the Los Angeles Lakers

Lamarcus Aldridge :

Teams Interested : Warriors and 76ers

Warriors : ESPN reported that the Warriors have serious interest in offering a trade package for LaMarcus Aldridge. It makes sense because Aldridge is still an All-Star caliber player at this stage of his career. He’s a great player and leader, though some fans may want to go with Gordon, who is younger. But, Aldridge is more polished.

76ers : LaMarcus Aldridge can help solidify the front court in Philadelphia. But, is it worth trading for a 35 year old Aldridge ? This would be a good fit if he still produces at the level he has the past couple of years.

Prediction : Traded to the Warriors

Gordon Hayward :

Teams Interested : Knicks and Pacers

Knicks : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Knicks have trade interest in Gordon Hayward. This is a questionable move. I see this as a panic move if they can’t acquire a big time star if he isn’t already dealt. The likelihood of this happening is low.

Pacers : It’s been rumored all offseason the Pacers and Celtics will have a trade centered around Gordon Hayward and Myles Turner. The Celtics can dump Hayward’s contract in Indiana and they can acquire a difference making Center in Myles Turner. Hayward is still a productive player, but he is not a need for the Celtics, Turner is.

Prediction : Traded to the Pacers in a 3 team trade.

Kevin Love :

Teams Interested : Warriors

Warriors : LegionHoopsRoss reported that the Warriors and Cavs have had trade talks on a deal that would send Kevin Love to Golden State and Draymond Green would be sent to a third team. I see this as hard to believe as this won’t upgrade the Warriors much at all. Green’s defensive presence can’t be replaced by Kevin Love.

Prediction : Cavs will have a hard time finding a taker for Kevin Love and he will stay in Cleveland to start the year.

Zach LaVine :

Teams Interested : Mavericks

Mavericks : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Mavericks are chasing a third star. One of those players included LaVine. This would be a great pickup for Dallas, as I believe they are one player away. Luka is a superstar and a future MVP, and Kristaps Porzingis is a star. Adding a third star will surely boost this team into a top team in the league. Zach LaVine would be a perfect fit.

Prediction : The Chicago Bulls hold onto LaVine to start the year

Rudy Gobert :

Teams Interested : Mavericks and Celtics

Mavericks : Zach Lowe reported that several rival teams “pitched” the Mavericks as a possible trade destination. Gobert is a defensive star who can get boards and produce near the rim. He would give the Mavs two big powerhouses in the front court with him and Porzingis.

Celtics : This one makes sense because the Celtics need a big man presence and Gobert will give them that. Theis is a good player, he just doesn’t defend the paint or other big men particularly well.

Prediction : Utah does not trade Gobert

Bradley Beal :

Teams that have been linked to Beal : Nets, Warriors, Heat

*** The Wizards have said they don’t plan on trading Bradley Beal and that they want to build around him. Beal has said he wants to stay in Washington.

Prediction : Bradley Beal stays with the Wizards

Giannis Antetokounmpo :

Teams that have been linked to Giannis : Heat, Warriors, Mavericks

*** ESPN reported that the Bucks won’t trade Giannis and that they will try to improve the roster to convince him to stay if he passes on the supermax. John Gambadoro reported that he expects Giannis to sign the supermax extension with the Bucks.

Prediction: Giannis does not get traded, but he does not sign the supermax extension.

Russell Westbrook : 

Teams Interested : Hornets, Knicks, Clippers, and Magic

Hornets : Shams reported that the Hornets have emerged as a potential suitor for Russell Westbrook. This would help the Hornets immensely. They have been bad to mediocre for the past several years. As adding Westbrook wont make them title contenders, they will have a better shot at making the playoffs. Westbrook can be “the man” in Charlotte, like he wants.

Knicks : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Knicks are interested in Westbrook. The Knicks are dying for that star to make them relevant again. Westbrook can be that. He will be the man in NYC. The Knicks will be a little more attractive to other players. This won’t take NY back from Brooklyn but it will make an interesting rivalry, as KD is just next door in Brooklyn. The Knicks though, are hesitant to give up a lot in a trade for Westbrook. 

Clippers : Kevin O’Connor reported that the Clippers have interest in Russell Westbrook. Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson reported that the Rockets and Clippers have discussed a deal that would send Paul George to Houston and Russell Westbrook to LA. Could former Thunder teammates be traded for each other? I don’t think so, but it’s not impossible. Will acquiring Westbrook really make a huge difference for the Clippers?

Magic : The Magic have floated around about a possible destination, but it’s highly unlikely they will want to absorb his contract. 

Prediction : Westbrook gets traded to the Knicks

James Harden :

Teams Interested : Nets

Nets : Farbod Esnaashari reported that James Harden to Brooklyn is “practically a done deal,” and it’s just a matter of “ironing out the little details.” Esnaashari reported that the package of players that would be going to Houston would be Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, and Taurean Prince. I have no idea how true these rumors are as it’s coming from a Clippers writer, but it’s still worth monitoring. This would be a lethal big three and would spike the Nets into the team to beat in the East. Surround those players with shooters and experienced veterans, this team will be a force.

*** No other rumors of Harden have been mentioned. But, Woj reported that the Rockets plan to run it back with Harden. Things can change, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Prediction : Traded to the Brooklyn Nets

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