Top 10 Players in The 2020 NBA Draft

Written By: Spencer Fielding

This is going to be one of the most difficult drafts for each NBA team. Each player has a lack of film due to COVID-19. The teams don’t get unlimited workouts with as many guys as they want, and the job interviews are more important than they’ve ever been before. Even with all of these factors to take into account, this is still one of the weirdest drafts. There is no consensus number one overall pick. There is no clear choice for the top three and it is entirely possible teams trade their picks because they just aren’t in love with any of the prospects. With all that being said, let’s get into the rankings.

10- Patrick Williams (Florida State Forward, 6’8)

Patrick Williams is one of the most intriguing players in the draft. He offers a unique blend of speed, athleticism, and defense. Even though he never started a game for Florida State, he still sneaks his way into the lottery due to his raw talent. He needs to go to a team that will be able to develop this type of talent though. He needs some structure that will help him grow as a player.

9- Devin Vassell (Florida State Forward, 6’7)

Devin Vassell is another Florida State player who has found his way into the draft lottery. He is the epitome of a “3 and D” player. A good “3 and D” player is needed on any contender. He is a great shooter, as he shot 41.7% from behind the arc for his career in college. He has the ability to be a key component to any team that he lands on, and he may be able to help them right away.

8- Isaac Okoro (Auburn Forward 6’6)

Isaac Okoro would be much higher in this draft if his offensive instincts were better. He will struggle at times on the offensive end due to his lack of shooting. If he had a good enough three ball, he would be in the top three conversation for sure. Okoro is going to make his money on the other end though. His instincts on defense are unmatched. One thing usually translates to the next level, and its defense. 

7- Tyrese Haliburton (Iowa State Guard 6’5)

Tyrese Haliburton is a player that isn’t going to wow you, but he is definitely a player you want on your team. He is a great playmaker that is really patient. He makes the right play and that is a difficult trait to find in such a young player. He also has a decent jumper and he plays some good defense as well. He will make any team happy if they draft him.

6- Deni Avdija (Israel Forward 6’9)

Deni Avdija’s stats definitely do not tell the entire story with him. Advija is a great playmaker for his size. He has sneaky athleticism and plays some good defense as well. He has the height to guard multiple positions. But, the main concern with Deni is his shooting ability. He was never a good shooter for Israel. He also struggles from the free-throw line, which is another concern. Regardless, Deni will be taken in the top 10, maybe even top 5 due to his high floor and his ability to be an effective player right away.

5- LaMelo Ball (Illawarra Hawks Guard 6’8)

I know, before you say LaMelo needs to be higher, let me explain. Melo is one of the riskiest players to draft this year. He struggles on the defensive end and struggles with shot selection as well. Even though he is a wizard with his playmaking, his jumpshot needs a lot of work too. This is similar to his brother Lonzo Ball. He refused to change his shot going into the draft, and just last season, he tweaked it a bit to shoot better. If LaMelo is going to succeed at the next level, he needs to be able to shoot the ball consistently.

4- James Wiseman (Memphis Center 7’1)

James Wiseman is a tough player to list. He lacked a lot of film due to him leaving Memphis early on in the season. Even so, many teams are intrigued by his sheer athleticism and size. He may lack post moves and a jump shot, but he is still coveted by some teams. The main concern with Wiseman is his lack of motivation at times. His defense is spotty at times as well. A concern that I have personally, you will have to pay him big money down the line. Paying big men now, is difficult. You can get a free agent center that does a fraction of what Wiseman can do, and you won’t have to pay the hefty price tag. 

3- Obi Toppin (Dayton Forward 6’9)

Obi Toppin is arguably the most NBA-ready player in this draft, but the only issue with him is his age. A 22-year old rookie is not very common. If he was 19 or 20-years old, I guarantee he would be the number one overall pick. He has every tool on the offensive end to be a great forward/center in the NBA. He does lack some defensive IQ, but that can be worked on further down the line. His ability to shoot and his athleticism is what sets him apart from the other players in this draft.

2- Anthony Edwards (Georgia 6’5)

Many have Anthony Edwards at their number one slot, but I think there are a lot of questions about Edwards that need to be answered. He has great athleticism and a great feel for the offensive end. The main concerns with Edwards are his shot selection and his laziness on the defensive end. Edwards has developed a lot of bad habits by playing on some bad teams. He relies on hero ball a lot, which is just taking difficult shots. He gets lost on the defensive end pretty frequently as well. He possesses the athleticism and body type to be really good on both ends, but it’s going to come down to if he’s motivated enough to want it.

1- Killian Hayes (France 6’5) 

Killian Hayes won’t go number one overall. But, he could be the best player in this draft. He does nearly everything well on the court. He is a good playmaker that can shoot the ball. He has some nice moves in his bag that should allow him to get open frequently. He also is good on the defensive end, which is really important in today’s NBA. He has good height for a guard as well. Hayes is just 18 years old and he should be able to develop really nicely in the NBA. I believe he could turn out as the best player in this draft.

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