The Potentail Catastrophe for College Football: COVID-19 Cancellations

Written By: Brian Ludden

Man, this whole COVID-19 thing really sucks. We can all agree on that, and we lost two more games last Tuesday due to the pandemic and its effects. The SEC announced last Tuesday that the Alabama-LSU and Texas A&M-Tennessee games were called off. This decision comes as both the Tigers and the Aggies had many players either test positive or need to isolate after contact tracing.

The postponement of these two games, as well as the postponed Auburn-Mississippi State game (announced on Monday), will mean that only four SEC games will be played on Saturday, instead of seven.

The Auburn vs. Mississippi State game has already been rescheduled (hopefully) to December 12th, as neither team had a scheduled game that week. However, LSU and Alabama aren’t that lucky, as the Tigers have a game that weekend after a previous postponement of the LSU vs. Florida game. It is unknown whether or not the Alabama-LSU game will be played. The SEC scheduled December 19th as a possible date to play rescheduled games, but only if the two teams were playing in the SEC Championship. But, Alabama has a good chance of playing in the SEC Championship, so there is a very real possibility that this game won’t be played.

On the other hand, Texas A&M still has a chance to make it to the SEC Championship, although they would need Alabama to lose twice. The Aggies are 5-1 in the conference, while the Crimson Tide are 6-0. Both teams now have four games left, but if they both finish with the same record, Alabama will win the SEC West, as they have the tiebreaker over Texas A&M.  If the Aggies don’t win the SEC West, then the Texas A&M-Tennessee game will possibly be played on December 19.

So, while we do not know if the Alabama-LSU game or Texas A&M-Tennessee game will be played, one thing we know is that the College Football Playoff committee will definitely have to take this cancellation into account when deciding the top four come December.

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