Who Will Win The Terrible NFC East?

Written By: James Kirby

The NFC East is a complete disaster this season, and each team would probably finish in last place if they played in a different division. Yet, remarkably, one of these pathetic teams will be hosting a playoff game in January! It is also very ironic that the worst division in history also happens to be facing the best division in history this year on their schedule. That would be the NFC West, containing the mighty Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers. The NFC East is going to have one of the wackiest division chases we have ever seen, and we may even have a team with a 5-11 record make the playoffs. Here are my final standing predictions:

4. Washington Football Team (current record: 2-7)

The Redskins changed their name this past offseason, but unfortunately, they didn’t change their losing culture. The Football Team is on pace for their fourth straight season with a losing record, which would make it their 8th losing season in the last 10 years. The Football Team’s main issue this year has been quarterback play, as they were forced to bench draft bust Dwyane Haskins due to his poor performance, and backup Kyle Allen didn’t play much better until he snapped his ankle. Now they have the veteran Alex Smith taking the helm at quarterback, but he is just coming off a gruesome leg injury, and he hasn’t been the same since he left Kansas City. With next to zero talent on offense and Washington’s defense giving up an average of 24 points this season, I expect them to finish in last place.

3. Dallas Cowboys (current record: 2-7)

The Cowboys have the worst defense in football and have given up 30+ points in most of their games this year. The heroics of Dak Prescott managed to keep them in games before his season-ending ankle injury, but now it’s not looking good. Andy Dalton replaced Prescott at quarterback, but he struggled before suffering a serious concussion and contracting COVID-19. After Ben DiNucci proved that he shouldn’t belong on a football field, 4th string Garrett Gilbert showed some prominence, but it is unclear if it will be him or Dalton the rest of the way. The shaky quarterback play has severely hindered the performance of stars like Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot. While they have clear talent on offense, the Cowboys’ questionable quarterback situation and horrendous defense should prevent them from competing for the division. I believe the Cowboys are only slightly better than the Football Team. 

2. New York Giants (current record: 3-7)

The Giants probably have the best all-around team in this division, but they struggle with consistency and finishing off games. Their defense has shown some promise, but their lackluster offense has struggled to keep up. Saquon Barkley’s season-ending injury was devastating for the team, and they now have to fully rely on their passing game. 2nd-year quarterback Daniel Jones has proven his talent but has continued his struggles with turnovers and poor decision making. In his career, Jones has only proven that he can beat Washington, and has been just 2-17 against the rest of the league. The Giants still have a decent chance at the division, but with a tough remaining schedule, their only realistic wins are against Cleveland, Dallas, and Cincinnati. The Giants’ brutal loss to the Eagles in week 7 severely impacted their chance at winning the NFC East.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (current record: 3-5-1)

As usual, the Eagles are dealing with a million injuries this year. Essentially all of their star players have gone down, and Carson Wentz has struggled without his two best targets in Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz. Wentz has also been scrambling for his life every play, and his debilitated offensive line has been allowing the most sacks in the entire league. However, the Eagles have the best chance at the division after their huge wins against the 49ers and Giants. They also managed to tie a tough game against Cincinnati, which could be an enormous difference-maker in the final standings. It is unlikely that the Eagles lose both of their remaining divisional games, and unless the Giants pull off a miracle upset or two, I see the Eagles finishing on top of the NFC East.

Whichever team wins the division this year will likely be setting NFL history for the worst record to ever make the playoffs. No matter what happens, it should be a wild and entertaining ride.

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