The NFL Franchise Leaderboard: Team #30 – Carolina Panthers

Written By: Shane Dunn

Super Bowl 50 was the peak of this team, which is unfortunate considering how dominant that 15-1 team appeared to be. This is another team like last week’s selection that has been falling apart as of late. We all know who some of the best players are since their debut in the NFL in 1995, and since then they have gone 195-204, winning their division six times. In their 25 seasons, they have made the playoffs eight times and the Super Bowl twice, never winning one however, and going a positive 9-8 in the playoffs all-time.

The best quarterback for the Panthers without a doubt is Cam Newton. He is struggling on the New England Patriots currently, but in Carolina, he threw for almost thirty thousand yards, 182 touchdowns, and had a record of 68-55-1, including his historic fifteen win season where they went to the Super Bowl. Their all-time leading rusher is surprisingly DeAngelo Williams, who is only 200 career rushing yards ahead of superstar Christian McCaffrey. With the loss of Head Coach Ron Rivera this season and currently being 3-5 behind Teddy Bridgewater this season, they don’t have a promising future lying ahead besides their running back McCaffrey. 

This team had its ups, but they come in at 30 due to their horrible downs. Besides Super Bowl 50, they did lose a close one to the New England Patriots 32-29, at the time being the most-watched Superbowl of all-time. If they had edged out a win in either game, they would for sure be higher, and if they can go on an upward climb in the next few years, they could easily crack the 20’s, but there is not much to say for a team that has seen (almost) the highest of highs, and definitely the lowest of lows. Certainly not the most embarrassing or worst team on this list, and not the bleakest future either, but in the meantime, #30 is where they will sit. In McCaffrey we trust.

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