The Fading Debate: Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson

Written By: Bobby Foran

There are many debates and player comparisons in the NFL. Deandre Hopkins or Julio Jones? George Kittle or Travis Kelce? But the popular quarterback debate of Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson is losing its trendiness. It makes sense why though. The question is being answered. It was really a close comparison in 2019, but now I think we know who is truly better. It’s Patrick Mahomes. 

Listen, Lamar Jackson is great. He hasn’t played close to how he did last year during his MVP year, but that’s a hard thing to do. I’d say he’s been a top ten QB this season. Not top five however. Then you have Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback in the NFL, and eventually will be one of the best to ever touch a football. 2019 is over. Which also means that the debate is over. You can’t compare Mahomes to anybody except maybe Russell Wilson as of now. He’s consistently great. I’m not going to flood you with what he’s done because I’m sure whenever he does something cool it gets shoved in your face all over social media. But to say the least, he’s on track to be the best QB ever and it’s not debatable. Sure, it’s because he’s on the Chiefs with Andy Reid. People commonly say how he wouldn’t be what he was if he was on another team. Well, he’s not on another team, so that’s irrelevant. Let’s dive deeper into the quarterback’s skills and what they bring to the table.

Two different quarterbacks. One is often called a running back for how much he runs, one is a gunslinger who can shred any defense through the air. You can figure out who’s who. Lamar is an excellent rushing QB. He’ll go down as one of the best in that category, only being beat by Michael Vick. That could definitely change though. He can also pass the ball well. He hasn’t been exquisite through the air in 2020, but he’s proven he can throw the ball. We know about Mahomes already. Something that people forget is that he can be great on the run too. Remember his bizarre 27-yard touchdown run against the Titans in the playoffs? I mean the tackle attempts were laughably terrible, but regardless, Mahomes knows how to use his feet. So he has a good run game and an incredibly spectacular passing game. If you know a Ravens fan, make sure you ask them: “You know Mahomes is better than Jackson, right?” And if they do anything else but agree with you, don’t waste your time.

So essentially, the Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson debate shouldn’t be a debate anymore. It’s not really Jackson’s fault. When you’re compared to Mahomes, it will make you look bad. He’s the highest-paid athlete for a reason. All hail Patrick Mahomes!

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