NFL Week 14 Predictions: Going In Depth

Written By: Logan Kaufman and David Scanlan

This week in the NFL there are a bunch of exciting games going on and I’d like to review them here and give my input, along with my predictions.

Game #1: Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1) vs. Buffalo Bills (9-3)

After losing a disappointing game to the Washington Football Team, the Steelers won’t face an easier opponent this weekend. The Buffalo Bills have a fast-paced offense, while the Steelers’ elite defense will try to slow them down. In the game last week, Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball 53 times and had trouble with defensive linemen swatting his passes right away. The biggest issue with the defensive line came at the end of the game when Montez Sweat deflected a pass leading to the win for Washington. The Bills are coming off a great game against the Niners where Josh Allen was connecting with Beasley and Diggs all game. Allen finished with 375 yards and 4 TDs. The Steelers are looking to avoid a second straight loss but will need a better offensive performance if they plan to hold on to that top spot in the AFC. 

Score Prediction: Bills 31 – Steelers 21

Game #2: Minnesota Vikings (6-6) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)

With the Buccaneers coming off a bye following that rough Chiefs game, they will look to get into a groove heading into these last few games before the playoffs. Tampa Bay has had some rough patches this year given how well rounded they are as a team. The offense struggles to get going some nights, the defense struggles to get going other days, but overall, this is still a very well-rounded team and they don’t have glaring holes in this roster. Given that they are so well rounded, they need to stop playing so poorly against good opponents in big-time games, for example, New Orleans twice and Los Angeles Rams once. This is going to be another huge game for them against the Vikings this week as Minnesota looks to hold on to that final playoff spot and possibly move on up with a win this week. Minnesota is red hot as they are 5-1 since starting the season to an abysmal 1-5 record. If Minnesota wants to prove themselves and win this weekend, Kirk needs to have an efficient and clean game, while Dalvin Cook continues to do what he has been doing.

Score Prediction: Buccaneers 35 – Vikings 28

Game #3: Arizona Cardinals (6-6) vs. New York Giants (5-7) 

The final game on our list for this week won’t be a highlight maker, but a more competitive game and likely to be decided within the last few minutes. On one side, we have an underachieving Arizona Cardinals team. This Arizona team has lost 3 straight and has lost plenty of others this season that they should have had no problems with. On the other hand, we have a young giants team that has struggled but has shown they have a bright future if they can land a few more pieces. The Giants most recently beat Seattle in a 17-12 battle. New York held Russ to only 1 TD and forced him into throwing an INT. I think this game will be closer than most expect, but if New York can slow down that deadly duo of Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins, they have a real shot of winning.

Score Prediction: Cardinals 24 – Giants 21


(HOU – 1.5) TEXANS VS. BEARS: Texans 36 – Bears 23

(DAL – 3.0) COWBOYS VS. BENGALS: Cowboys 28 – Bengals 20

(KC – 7.0) CHIEFS VS. DOLPHINS: Chiefs 24 – Dolphins 14

(CAR – 3.5) BRONCOS VS. PANTHERS: Panthers 31 – Broncos 27

(TEN – 7.5) TITANS VS. JAGUARS: Titans 30 – Jaguars 24

(IND – 3.0) COLTS VS. RAIDERS: Colts 35 – Raiders 26

(SEA – 15.0) JETS VS. SEAHAWKS: Seahawks 41 – Jets 23

(GB – 8.0) PACKERS VS. LIONS: Packers 33 – Lions 23

(NO – 8.0) SAINTS VS. EAGLES: Saints 36 – Eagles 21

(LAC – 1.0) FALCONS VS. CHARGERS: Falcons 38 – Chargers 20

(SF – 3.0) WASHINGTON VS. 49ERS: Washington 33 – 49ers 27

(BAL – 3.0) RAVENS VS. BROWNS: Browns 26 – Ravens 21

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