The Surprise Players of the NFL: 2020 Edition

Written By: @NFLfootballpolls

This year has been full of surprises. The NFL world is no exception. I’m sure there’s that fantasy player on your team who absolutely bombed this year, and there’s the fantasy player you drafted with your last pick who’s now a permanent starter. This season is showing the rising stars of the NFL. It’s also showing the bums and the busts. Who are some players who’ve had a shocking season?

Chris Herndon, Jets TE

Chris Herndon must’ve fallen off of a cliff or his 2018 self was abducted by aliens. He’s looked terrible and his stats show it. Actually, what stats? I’m a Jets fan myself and I was so excited for his “breakout season”, but that never came. Yes, he is being used incorrectly by the offensive guru named Gase. But, when he gets his hands on the ball, it’s either a fumble or if he’s feeling good, a checkdown. 

James Robinson, Jaguars RB

He was a nobody a few months ago, but not anymore. He was one of the running backs whose job was to fill the gap of Leonard Fournette. He’s clearly taken the starting job though. Now a fantasy football stud and a top 5 rushing yard leader, Robinson has made a name for himself in 2020. Hopefully, his success will last for more than just this year.

Justin Jefferson, Vikings WR

The 2020 wide receiver draft class was the real deal. But, nobody expected Justin Jefferson to be the best rookie receiver this season. Being 7th in receiving yards, Jefferson is showing his potential and deep threat ability. He’s also gained attention for sparking a trend of doing the ‘Griddy’ dance for scoring a touchdown. Jefferson is showing out this year.

Lamar Jackson, Ravens QB

Lamar Jackson isn’t doing bad, he’s just not near what he was last season. Last season was one of the closest things to perfection for a quarterback. It’s hard to top that, but I at least thought he’d be playing at a pretty elite status. I’m not seeing that this year. He’s had bad decision making, with his throws being very inaccurate. He just hasn’t done too great. 

Will Fuller V, Texans WR

Why isn’t Fuller being talked about more? He’s stepped up big time and helped Deshaun Watson a lot. I put him on here solely because I thought he’d be injured by week 3. He’s been consistently good and stayed healthy. He isn’t Deandre Hopkins but he is doing his best to cover for his absence.

Jason Sanders, Dolphins K

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to do this either. I understand he’s just a kicker but I haven’t heard a single peep about him. He has the most points for a kicker in the NFL as of now, week 11. Younghoe Koo is all the rave but hop on the Jason Sanders train.

Zach Ertz, Eagles TE

I know he’s been hurt, but oh lord did he play terribly when he played. He just had nothing to give. You can blame the quarterback, but I don’t blame Wentz for not throwing to him. He just wasn’t playing up to standards or anywhere near it. He should apologize to fantasy owners.

Baker Mayfield, Browns QB

Baker Mayfield playing subpar isn’t a very big shock this season to some. For me, however, it is. He played one outstanding game against the Bengals, with five touchdowns, but nothing else. He has weapons and coaches who seem to know what they’re doing. I thought it was just a sophomore slump last year, but I don’t see anything special about Baker.

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